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October 14, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Earlier this month I did a post on Ralph Lauren retiring as CEO of his company and then I realized Mr. Lauren has a birthday this month, so today we are celebrating Ralph Lauren on his 76th birthday. Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz and today is held in high esteem as the creator and lifeblood of one of the greatest clothing and home lines ever, Ralph Lauren/Polo.


Lauren began his company in 1967 when he began making and selling men’s neckties, the look and success of those neckties soon led to the production of clothing to go with the ties. Mr. Lauren has said that his look comes from the looks of men like President John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Stewart, a timeless and classic look that never loses its appeal through the years.

Lauren is known for helping the skyline of New York City, he purchased the Rhinelander mansion and turned it into a men’s store and built a beautiful women’s store across the street that opened in 2012 and The Polo Bar in NYC last year in 2014.


The Rhinelander Mansion today houses the flagship Ralph Lauren men’s store. 


The beautiful staircase of the Madison Avenue women’s store opened in 2012. 


An interior shot of the recently opened Polo Bar in NYC. 

Lauren is also known for his car collection of over 70 cars, many of which are extremely rare and have even been the focus of art shows in Paris and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


A 1950’s era Porsche from Ralph Lauren’s personal car collection. 

Lauren and his wife Ricky have been married since 1964 and have three children, Andrew, David, and Dylan, who have all gone on to successful careers ranging from movie making to candy.

Ralph Lauren Celebrates The Publication Of "The Hamptons: Food, Family and History" By Ricky Lauren

Ralph Lauren (center) and his family, son Andrew, wife Ricky, daughter Dylan and son David. ( via )

While he is leaving the post of CEO at Ralph Lauren, Mr. Lauren will be Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, so we should continue to see beautiful designs from Ralph Lauren for years to come. Here’s to Ralph Lauren, a Tabulous Tastemaker, and extraordinary designer. Enjoy!!!


An interior shot of the main staircase of the Ralph Lauren men’s store.


Mr. Lauren on his beloved Colorado ranch, the Double RL.


A peek inside Ralph Lauren’s personal office.


A sign and symbol of quality and great design.


Hurricanes and candlesticks from Ralph Lauren Home.


A beautiful sight to behold. ahhhhhhh.


A Ralph Lauren ad from 2009, classic and beautiful.


No one does plaid quite like Ralph Lauren.


I love this combination of leather, elegance and industrial. 


Some Irish inspiration for this RL ad.


The classic Ralph Lauren oxford cloth shirt that never goes out of style. 

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