6 Quick Fall Centerpieces

November 24, 2015

By Tab Byrum


I had big plans for a post on decorating your table and fall centerpieces for Thanksgiving, but alas time got away from me and I’m up to neck in decorating client’s homes for Christmas. But, I have found some great ideas that I want to share with you for table decor for your Thanksgiving dinner. I love to have a beautiful centerpiece on the table for any occasion, but I know that’s not always possible, especially if you put the food on the table and aren’t doing a buffet, but remember you can always do a small grouping of flowers and/or candles in the center of the dining table and still have room for plates and food. You can also apply these ideas to your buffet and a lot of people will set up the desserts on a table or buffet of their own so you can decorate that area as well. Whatever you do for decoration don’t stress over it too much, make it easy on yourself and enjoy it, something is better than nothing and as always, Enjoy!!!


I love this collection of edibles for a centerpiece, gather up all kinds of thick-skinned fruits and vegetables and string them down the center of your table. I would leave the pumpkin whole and place veggies on top of it. 


Pumpkins are always a good idea this time of year, I love this idea of gluing gilded leaves (gold spray paint) to a white pumpkin, you could do the same thing with orange pumpkins and large green gourds. 


Cake stands are indispensable, you can gather all kinds of seasonal things on a cake stand, here we have candles surrounded by berries, just remember to use candles in your color scheme and make them unscented candles so the smell doesn’t compete with your food. Cake stands can come in varying heights and hold groups of pumpkins and gourds as well. 


We discussed this trick the other day, gather colored leaves and attach them to the side of a vase or hurricane using either hot glue or tape, then tie twine around the center to make it look like the twine is holding the leaves on, you can also use raffia. This is a project the kids can get in on, from gathering the leaves and if you have older kids they can glue and tape. 


Domes are great and very popular right now, you can place things under the domes directly onto your table or again use cake plates or whatever plates you have at your disposal. If you are placing more than one or two things under the dome you may have to turn the dome upside down and place your items in the dome, then place the plate over the bottom of the dome and turn it right side up, you have to let the chips or pumpkins fall where they may, but it usually turns out fine. 


And finally, this is the same principal as the leaves gathered around the outside of the vase or hurricane except this time we’re using sticks. Have the kids gather up thick sticks, cut them using snips so they’re all close to the same size and glue them to your container, you can tie a decorative ribbon or twine on the outside and fill the container with flowers, you could also place a potted mum in the container which are readily available this time of year at nurseries and the grocery store. 

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