7 Fall Leaf Decorating Ideas

November 11, 2015

By Tab Byrum


This time of year there are so many wonderful colors going on in nature that it’s a shame not to take advantage of them, with the most prolific color coming from Autumn leaves (cue Nat King Cole). There are lots of fun and beautiful projects you can take on that involve fall leaves and decorating your home for the fall. Today I’m going to share some of those fall leaf ideas with you as well as some images of fall leaves in their natural settings. Enjoy!!!


You can gather fall leaves of varying sizes, shapes and colors and suspend them in front of windows using fishing line or fine thread. The leaves will act as light catchers and also gently sway in the breeze created by your AC and heater. 



I love this idea of gathering fall leaves then creating one giant fall leaf on a board by gluing all the leaves into the shape of a leaf, very cool and a great backdrop for a buffet. 



This project could be done several different ways, you can hot glue the leaves to the outside of jars and burn candles in the jars, glue the leaves to the inside of the jars and use flameless candles or use artificial leaves and use flameless candles. However you do it, it will look great down the center of your table or along a mantel. 



One of my favorites and most simple are leaves in a vase or container, treat the leaves just like flowers and let them naturally go where they will. This is beautiful in a large area and you can buy leaves on branches and stems from flower shops and floral wholesalers this time of year. 



I’m dying to try this but have run out of time this year, definitely going on the list for next year. This leaf vase was made by attaching leaves to a blown up balloon with modge podge, then slowly letting the air out of the balloon after the leaves and glue have dried. You can create this vase look and bowls of different shapes and sizes. 



Fall leaves, real or artificial, always look great forming a base like on this mantel. This mantel also combines some of the other looks we’ve seen today from leaves in a vase and suspended in front of the fireplace on fine gauge wire or fishing line.



This look combines two of the icons of fall, leaves and pumpkins. Create a pumpkin topiary inside or outside, resting on a bed of fall leaves. The leaves not only provide color but also another layer and 3D element with them sticking out beyond the edge of the container. 

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