Designing Coca Cola

November 16, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Today is an anniversary in both the worlds of design and business, 100 years ago today the Root Glass Company was granted a patent for their submission that today is the iconic Coke bottle. In 1915, Coca-Cola was looking for new packaging for their famous product, they wanted a bottle that anyone would instantly recognize whether you were feeling of it in total darkness or saw it broken on the ground.


Roots submission was chosen, patented and the rest is history. Not only is the Coke bottle distinctive in its shape, but also it’s distinctive green color. Over the last century, Coke bottles have found many other uses besides being the vehicle for soda and I thought we would take a look today at those uses and peek back at the way Coca-Cola has changed over the years in the design world, congrats to Coke on a century of excellent design, Enjoy!!!


Perhaps the simplest and prettiest is to use the bottles as vases for flowers, I like this idea of grouping them in 3’s and tying them together with twine or decorative ribbon. 


Coca-Cola vintage advertising.


Love this idea for a game room or bar area.


Growing up I worked at the grocery store in Hydro, I feel certain I carried out several hundreds of these 6 packs over the years. 


This is a great idea for holding and dispensing things like soap, both liquid and dry and oil for cooking. 



If you are a painter or have a friend that is these little guys are a must, so CUTE!!!



Someone who works with glass or stained glass could create these drinking glasses from Coke bottles for you. 


Another great idea is using them to hold candles, not just for Christmas by any holiday or party. Just think Coke bottles with the red labels holding blue and white candles for the 4th of July. 


Apparently drinking and shopping used to be encouraged, these little bottle holders were attached to grocery carts to hold your beverage while you shopped. 


Great idea, turn vintage Coke bottles into salt and pepper dispensers. 


Nothing like an ice cold Coke on a hot Summer day from one of these guys.


Of course I always come back to the flowers, this is even more impressive when several bottle are gathered together in a vintage bottle crate and filled with colorful blooms. 

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