Ice Storm 2015~ Ugly Beauty

November 30, 2015

By Tab Byrum

IceStorm2015 - 16

Hello everyone, it’s Monday again and to make it worse it’s the Monday after a holiday, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and can now see your way clear to the Christmas holidays. Things got a little dicey here in Oklahoma over the long holiday weekend, we had a weather front move in on Thanksgiving Day that brought a lot of moisture to the state, then a major cold front moved in over night and things went from bad to worse. The rain continued to fall as well as the temperature, the perfect combination for an ice storm. Ice storms are nothing new here on the plains, hardly a winter goes by that we don’t have at least one ice storm.

At one point more than 40,000 people were without power, most are back on by now but some are still without. The damage to trees is tremendous, this always makes me really sad, I hate seeing big beautiful trees with huge holes in them and branches scattered all around their base, clean-up will take a while.

IceStorm2015 - 18

We got up early Saturday morning to let the dogs out and were greeted with an ice covered world, I threw on some clothes and went and took some pictures as the sun was coming up, I entitled this post Ugly Beauty because the ice is so beautiful but unfortunately, it creates a lot of ugliness in the way of damage and destroyed trees. I tried to capture some of the beauty with my camera, hope you see it. Enjoy!!!

IceStorm2015 - 7

You can see the light from street lights coming through some of the ice.

IceStorm2015 - 6

This is the top of a board on a section of our privacy fence, gives you an idea of the thickness of the ice and in some parts of the state it was much thicker. 

IceStorm2015 - 4

So many of the trees still had their leaves and fall color which only made it worse, the added weight of ice-covered leaves made it harder for the trees to survive the storm.

IceStorm2015 - 1

IceStorm2015 - 14

Some of the trees were bent over so far I could walk under their normally high branches and take this picture looking out from behind the branches. 

IceStorm2015 - 11

Like I said, beautiful but causes so much ugliness. 

IceStorm2015 - 21

IceStorm2015 - 20

As you can see the streets were wet but thankfully didn’t freeze, the ground temps were warm enough for ice not to form on the surface of the streets. 

IceStorm2015 - 23

IceStorm2015 - 29

While I was out I heard honking from above and looked up to see geese flying over, something tells me they need to fly faster. 

IceStorm2015 - 32

Looking towards one of our neighbors homes, you can see the ice on their roof and ice covered big trees in the back. 

IceStorm2015 - 27

This is another neighbor’s huge tree, I’m anxious to see how much is broken today when it thaws out, so sad. 

IceStorm2015 - 33

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