Chocolate ~ Taking A Dip

December 16, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 19

Today is Cover Anything In Chocolate Day, so I decided to do just that. I’m going to show you and hopefully give you some ideas on things that we eat every day that can be made extra special for the holidays by dipping them in chocolate. I promise that they are all pretty simple to do and quick, I created all these confections at home in my own kitchen. I’ve used both milk chocolate and white chocolate, I love dark chocolate but didn’t use any for this experiment, but you definitely could if you like the dark stuff. So, pull up a chair and pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink and start thinking of some of your favorite things that might be made just a little tastier with chocolate, Enjoy!!!

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 1

Here are a few of the things I tried covering, except for the dog food in the upper left corner, rest assured I didn’t cover the salmon flavored dog food.

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 2

No dog food here, just cookies, candy and potato chips.

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 3

I used Ghiradelli Milk and White Chocolate Chips and a large Pyrex bowl to melt and temper the chocolate in the microwave. 

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 4
Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 5

I poured all the chocolate chips in the bowl and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds at full power, after 30 seconds I stirred the chips and put them back in the microwave and heated them for another 30 seconds and stirred. You continue doing this and after 4 or 5 times your chocolate is melted and tempered, doing it this way keeps it from separating and eventually getting that white waxy look when you put it on the food you are dipping. 

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 6

First thing I dipped were these Walker’s Shortbread cookies, I LOVE shortbread and these are amazing on their own, but the chocolate is fun and adds another layer, don’t you love the Christmas shapes?

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 7

Next up were these Peanut Butter filled wafer cookies, these have always been some of my favorites, it use to be hard to choose between the chocolate and strawberry and now we have peanut butter. 

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 8

You can cover the whole cookie, but I opted for just one end, that way they’re easier to pick up and you get to taste some of the cookie in it’s natural state. 

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 11

A while back we found these pretzels and peanut butter bites and that’s what gave the idea for this post, peanut butter, and chocolate are two of my favorite things, throw in a crunchy pretzel and TaDa!!!!

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 12

I would put several pretzel bites in the bowl at a time and take them out using a fork, tapping the fork on the side of the bowl to shake off excess chocolate then place them on a plate or wax paper to start setting up. 

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 10

I love orange slices and orange and chocolate are one of my favorite flavor combinations so I gave it a whirl and they are YUMMY!!! The chewy candy and chocolate combo is great.

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 9

I’ve bought expensive chocolate dipped potato chips before and these Pringles dipped in chocolate were just as good. Love the combination of salty and sweet. 

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 16

I also did a few things in white chocolate, here we have dipped Oreo cookies, again I’ve bought packages of four that cost several dollars and these were great, I also dipped a few in milk chocolate and the red sugar just adds a festive touch. 

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 15

Here’s the cookie plate with the addition of dipped Oreos and graham crackers.

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 1 (1)

I also dipped some dried apricots in white chocolate and potato chips with “Ruffles” in milk chocolate.

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 17

A close-up of potato chips and pretzel bites that haven’t been dipped.

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 26

This was one of my Sous Chefs, this is Tanner, he’s checking out our work. 

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 27

This is Brody, he’s quite the helper also. 

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 25

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 28

Chocolate DippingXmas 2015 - 22

So, there you have it, you can pretty much dip anything you like in chocolate. Granted there are some things that wouldn’t be great in it but a lot of things are. Let me know if you try it or already do it and what your favorite things are to cover in Chocolate goodness.

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