Christmas Flower Ideas

December 23, 2015

By Tab Byrum

We’ve almost made it, hopefully, the tree is up, most if not all of your shopping is done and you know what you are serving Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (or whenever you are getting together) but don’t forget your table. Today we’re going to take a quick look at what you can do with flowers for your holiday centerpiece. None of the flowers I’ve used are very expensive and a lot of them can be found in the flower section at the grocery store or just call a local florist and see what they have available to purchase. Here’s a peek, Enjoy!!!

XmasFlowers - 6

XmasFlowers - 11

I did a grouping of three small vases in the center of the table and arranged them in a sort of deconstructed bouquet with different flowers in each vase. 

XmasFlowers - 15

In a smallish Rose bowl, I did a grouping of red and white Carnations, Carnations get a bum rap for being a cheap flower, but why not take advantage of their cost and beautiful colors. I did a red and white grouping to go along with the tablecloth and placemats on the table. 

XmasFlowers - 13

In a little taller vase I grouped together 2 bunches of white mums, they have a great color and their petals have beautiful fringed ends. 

XmasFlowers - 14

In the third vase I placed two bunches of Sweet William, this flower is just made for Christmas with a green base and bright red blooms, big bunches of this would be beautiful. 

XmasFlowers - 16

I love any container that comes with it’s own stand and the vase holding the Sweet William is a small vase with a pedestal. It’s like a small trifle dish, this will be great for flowers, candy or better yet, a small trifle. 

XmasFlowers - 21

XmasFlowers - 11

XmasFlowers - 2

I also wanted to share this, I had a client order a Christmas bouquet for a friend so I put this together. It’s red Alstroemeria, white Hydrangeas, red Carnations, green Kale and green Bells of Ireland. 

XmasFlowers - 1

Here’s a side view of the bouquet where you can see the Alstromeria and the Kale. 

XmasFlowers - 3

I LOVE all the colors of Christmas.

XmasFlowers - 5

XmasFlowers - 6

There you go, some ideas for flowers for your holiday table. Remember, don’t be afraid to work with flowers, pick a color palette and if need be stick with all one flower, bunches of all the same flower in the same colors is very impressive. So, impress your family and friends this holiday weekend and put together a beautiful centerpiece or several small ones. See you tomorrow.

All words and images are my own.

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