Gerard Tonti ~ Friday Artist

December 4, 2015

By Tab Byrum


Artist Gerard Tonti is taking the term “art of coffee” to a whole new level, Pittsburgh artist Tonti has spent the last nine years working with the tones of color found in coffee and tea and turning them into a paint. Today he uses the paint he creates with tea and coffee and paints unbelievable paintings. I recently saw a segment on CBS Sunday Morning about Tonti and knew I had to check him out more closely on my own. Tonti says he has created a new and exciting medium, each tea and coffee that he uses has to be treated differently as they are mixed with a binding agent, he’s also had to take into account oxidation and fading from light. Today Tonti creates amazing paintings, with many of them focusing on the tea and coffee themselves and the people who drink them. Join me as we check out Gerard Tonti and his amazing beverage based art, Enjoy!!! (Above is Morning Cup)




Early Morning In The Strip


Espresso Drip


The Letter

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