Holiday Cocktail Attire

December 17, 2015

By Tab Byrum


Tonight we are attending our first holiday party for the 2015 Christmas season, it’s a cocktail party for Michael’s work and it’s at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. I love cocktail parties, I’ve helped give a few and they’re always fairly casual but with this one being at the Country Club you know it’ll be a dressier occasion. The holiday season is always a great time to play it up in the clothing department, you know things like bringing in color, where you would usually just opt for black and white, and while black is playing a prominent role in our clothing choices I did turn up the volume with color. I thought today we would take a look at some of the choices in clothing and styles when it come to “party clothes”, let me know what you’re wearing to parties this Christmas, is it all black head to toe or are you living dangerously and bringing in color, my motto is that it’s always better to be a little overdressed than underdressed, Enjoy!!!

Cocktail Attire For Women



Cocktail dresses use to be the only choice for ladies when cocktail party events first came on the scene, and while they are still the tradition for lots of ladies, you will also see pantsuits and jumpsuits. Here’s a peek at a few of the possibilities for ladies attending a holiday fete this season.


As I was saying earlier, black and white are always great, it’s clean and classy looking and everyone looks great in both colors or a combo of the two. Love this striped number with black hose and heel and a cute clutch to hold your phone, keys, credit card, and a little cash. (the champagne doesn’t hurt either) ( via )


Lace dresses have been very popular over the last couple of years and still are right now, the holiday season is a great time to put on a little lace. Love this dress in Navy, but a red lace dress would be beautiful for Christmas.  ( via )

Halter Neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are always fun, they add some pizzaz and some sexy to any party. Before wearing anything too sexy just remember to think about the venue and the hosts for the cocktail party, you don’t want to show up at a party hosted by ultra-conservative hosts, especially if they’re your bosses or your spouse’s employers.  ( via )


Cocktail parties are always a great place to play with color, this green is perfect for the holiday season. This style dress only needs some great shoes, earrings, and a great bracelet or two or five. ( via )


I had to throw in this little bit of inspiration of Mid-Century cocktail glamour from Mad Men, timeless and beautiful. ( via )



This is the jacket I’m wearing tonight, I wearing it with a black tuxedo shirt and black slacks. The jacket is edged in black and I’ll throw in a black pocket square. I would do the same look for a more casual party, except trade out the black slacks for jeans. ( via )


I love fun blazers and this houndstooth one is no exception, and with bow ties being all the rage right now, I say go for it. ( via )


I personally really like the tieless look, here we have patterned pants with a beautiful black blazer and white shirt, timeless and elegant. ( via )


If you’re unsure what to wear then a suit and tie are always a safe bet, remember to overdress as opposed to being underdressed. You can always jazz things up with a fun tie, pocket square and don’t forget about socks, fun socks are a must.  ( via )


Just like for the ladies, the holidays are a great time for the guys to jazz things up with color and in this case, a colorful plaid. I love this jacket, it will look great as is with slacks or with a great pair of jeans. ( via )

So there you have it, a few thoughts on dressing for the holidays and parties this time of year, whatever you wear just be tasteful and wherever you go have fun. Have a great Thursday!!!

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