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January 20, 2016

By Tab Byrum


For decades kitchen cabinets were either white or stained and for some people those are the only two options but those are far from the only two choices. More and more today we are seeing kitchen cabinets being painted colors and I have to say I really like it. For many people, they’re afraid they will get tired of colored cabinets in a few years and I totally understand that it’s much easier to change the wall color and the accessories in your kitchen than to re-do the cabinets or rip them out and start over. That being said I want us to take a look at all the choices we have in colorful kitchen cabinets. Here are some images to get us all thinking about making our kitchens colorful, let me know what you think and Enjoy!!!

Love the floors.

One great way to get color in your kitchen is to paint your kitchen island in a color, that way you only have one piece of cabinetry in a color and it’s easy to change when you want, but also gives you that pop of color you may be looking for. 


Shades of blue are definitely popular as far as cabinet colors go. I don’t know if this kitchen is older with the stone floor and old fashioned floor to ceiling cabinets, but I really like it. 


It’s been all about gray, gray and more gray for a while now, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I think gray is a great neutralizing color and a great way to get some color on your cabinets.


This kitchen has a lot going on but it works well with the green on the wall cabinets and the red island.


Here’s some more gray with brass and white accents, I keep coming back to this color scheme, I should probably listen to my inner decorator. 


This kitchen is beautiful but a little dark for my tastes. I love the color they’ve chosen but the dark green with black countertops and a dark wood floor is too dark. 

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This is a fun kitchen and I like how the island is the focal point in the room with the patriotic paint job, I also like how they’ve used brick as the backsplash and taken it up high in some areas. 


This is a very clean and sleek kitchen with a blue and white color scheme. I like how the navy cabinets on the bottom really ground the room and I’m always a fan of subway tile. 


I know, more gray but I just can’t help myself. There are so many different tones of gray going on from the color on the cabinets and island to the gray backsplash tile and the industrial light fixture over the island. 


This is what I would call a true cottage kitchen, with the medium green cabinets and white open shelving with decorative corbels. 


I look at this and think denim and I like it. I could definitely live with these blue cabinets and the bin pull hardware is my favorite.

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