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February 1, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Every once in a while you find something in a place where you never really thought about looking, that’s recently what happened when I was perusing the website of Pottery Barn Kids and found a new line of merchandise intended for a nursery. The line is called Emily & Meritt and was created for PB Kids by fashionistas Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, the line is not your average look for a nursery with colors being darker in the family of black, gray, tan, gold and some pink and blue thrown in.


I love how it all goes together and the way they’ve created fun items like a gold bunny lamp but made it mysterious and fun as well as the gold giraffe lamp. I’m definitely crushing on several of the pieces in the collection and am seriously considering a couple of the tables and lamps. There are awesome bookends that would be at home in your kids room or on the bookshelves of a study and the arrow curtain rods are very whimsical but also masculine. Join me for a look at this new collection and check out The Great to have a look at the fashion designed by these two talented ladies. Enjoy!!!


Here is the Giraffe lamp I mentioned, isn’t it fun and down the road you could always change the shade to a white one or it would look great with a colored shade. 


I wanted you to see the rabbit lamp in this pic, I love how it’s the rabbit’s body as the base and the ears sticking up above the shade, I wouldn’t say No that rocking chair either.


This is a beautiful antique-inspired mirror that would look great in any number of places. 



These woven gold baskets would be at home in any lady’s or young lady’s closet or bathroom, very chic and useable. 


I really want this arrow table, it’s very retro to me with a masculine feel and reminds me of campaign furniture.


The gold star table is another one I really like, wouldn’t this be great between a pair of chairs?


These are the gold arrow curtain rods that they’ve created, very cool. (You can get a better look at these curtain rods in the first picture at the top of the post)


And of course, there’s this arrow floor lamp, they show it both with this striped shade and with a plain white shade, YES PLEASE!!!!

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Pottery Barn Kids.

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