White House Rooms Of Color

February 15, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Happy Monday and Happy Presidents Day, I thought that in honor of remembering the office of President of United States and the men that have held the office we would take a look at the house they call home for the time they’re in office. Construction on the White House began 223 years ago on October 13, 1792, and took 8 years with construction being completed on November 1, 1800.


Today there are 132 rooms in the Executive Mansion along with 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces and 3 elevators. Traditionally some of the rooms have always been decorated in certain colors, and today we are going to take a look at those rooms and the colors chosen for them as well as a few more, Enjoy!!! 


Many of us are familiar with the Blue Room as the room where the official White House Christmas tree stands.


I’ve always loved the images of the Green Room, in this pic, you can see the moire pattern in the fabric on the walls. There’s so much beautiful color to work with in the rug. 


Same view of the Green Room from a different angle. 


With red being my favorite color you would think the Red Room would be my favorite but it’s not. While personally I’m over red rooms, for now, the one in the White House is beautiful and is filled with so many amazing antiques. 


This is a photo of the White House China Room where samples of the different china patterns from different administrations are on display. The room has retained its red color scheme over the years that is taken from the color of the dress worn by former First Lady Grace Coolidge in her official portrait which hangs in the China Room.


This very traditional looking room is the White House Library, as you can see red is a very popular color in the Executive Mansion. 


This is the Vermeil Room named after the set of gilded silver that’s on display in the room. The silver was a gift from France in 1957, today the room also houses portraits of several 20th century First Ladies, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Lady Bird Johnson. Today the Vermeil Room is used as a First Lady’s sitting room where she can receive and entertain guests. 


Sadly I’ve never gotten to visit the White House, when I was first in Washington in 1985 we ran out of time and my trips since then have been after 9/11 when the White House was not accepting guests or only large groups that were pre-booked. Hopefully, in the future, that will change and I can see the inside of this beautiful home with my own eyes. 

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