Wood Tile

February 8, 2016

By Tab Byrum

It wasn’t too long ago that you would have never thought about putting the words tile and wood together, but that’s not so anymore. Today there are many many porcelain tiles on the market that give you the look of wood flooring or in some cases wood on your walls. I first started noticing the wood look tiles a few years ago and everyone kind of looked at them as if they weren’t sure, but now they’re all the rage and available in all colors and wood grains.


We’ve pretty much made up our minds that we are using wood grained tile when we redo our kitchen and take it from our kitchen into the living room and down the hall to the bedrooms and bathrooms. We want to change out the carpet in the three bedrooms for wood flooring down the road and I was unsure about wood grained tile in the common area rooms and real wood in the bedrooms, but the guys at the flooring store sent samples home with us of both the tile and wood flooring we like and they look great next to each other. I think it helps that the tile is one color and the real wood is darker, with all of them being in the gray family (gray floor post coming soon). The tiles are great for giving you the look of wood flooring but are more forgiving, especially in rooms where water is used, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Enough of my babbling, here’s a look at some of the beautiful wood grained tiles that are on the market and what you can do with them, they’re not just for floors, Enjoy!!!


This is almost unbelievable to me, this is tile, looks like a shop in California or New Mexico. 


I’ve always loved tile laid in a herringbone pattern and the wood grain tiles makes it 100 times more beautiful. 


Another example of gray being the new neutral, looks like beautiful weathered wood. 


I always love wood throughout a home but I know it’s hard in bathrooms and kitchens, this bathroom is gorgeous with dark wood looking floors and white walls, all possible because of wood look tile. 


I’m really flipping for this wood look tile from Walker Zanger, I’m definitely going to look this up for maybe a bathroom project down the road. 


I know blue wood look tile isn’t for everyone but I really like it on the walls, wouldn’t this be fun in a pool bath, a lake house or a kid’s bathroom. You could do so much with it as far as other colors such as yellow or red.


This tile floor just looks rich and old to me, like it’s been there for a hundred years and only gotten better with age.


Another example of wood looking tile on both floors and walls. What do you think about using the same tile on the floors and walls, would you have used two different tiles in the same color scheme but different patterns to break it up?


Another look at tile laid in a herringbone pattern, Mike just came in and saw this picture on my computer and said, “maybe we should lay all our tile that way”. Sure, why not, what’s one more new idea or change, right?


I like this look with the wood look tile on the floor and ceiling and pebble tile on the floor. All the same color scheme but in two different patterns. 


Look how awesome the wood look tile looks in this laundry room.

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