Carolyne Roehm’s Safe Haven

March 4, 2016

By Tab Byrum

It’s been almost 17 years since designer Carolyne Roehm’s beloved home, Weatherstone, burned in an electrical fire. The original home was built in 1765 in Sharon, Connecticut and today it stands rebuilt in a new glory given to it by Roehm and her beautiful taste and hard work.


Carolyne Roehm started out in the world of high fashion working for Oscar de la Renta, eventually, she had her own line, branching out and becoming an expert today on an array of subjects including entertaining, gardening and decorating. Weatherstone has always been Roehm’s refuge and was where she sought to escape from the world of high fashion during stressful times. Today the rebuilt home is filled with beautiful furnishings, antique mirrors, gorgeous fabrics, and dogs (8). Carolyne Roehm says now that the fire was the best thing that could have happened to her, it’s allowed her to build her fantasy house, the house today has a great room that soars up the full three stories of the house, she was also able to turn what was once several smaller rooms into larger rooms, and she says the fire revealed to her that she wanted less stuff. Today Roehm is busy writing books on design, and flowers, and with a website that focuses on beautiful things for the home, ribbon, papers and gifts, her books and her next adventure in home remodeling, focusing on a house she bought in Charleston, South Carolina. Hopefully she has plans for a book on her beloved Weatherstone, for now, let’s take a look at these gorgeous pictures, Enjoy!!!



The Great Room is seen above and below, with a theme of green and blue, Roehm has used her collection of Chinese export blue and white throughout this room. 



When rebuilding Roehm realized that her dining table had gone mostly unused and decided to convert the dining room space into a Morning Room using plant themed fabrics. 


A look at her Library in the Summertime. 


The view from above, looking down from the third story. 


Rustic furniture combines with modern cabinetry to create a relaxed and beautiful room. 


a greenhouse on the estate filled with white geraniums and beautiful things. 


A look at the grounds of the estate with a manmade stream banked by daffodils. 

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