Cynthia Rowley At DBC

March 14, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Last Thursday I told you that I had been attending the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, so this week I wanted to share with you some of the speakers we heard at DBC and what they had to say. The first speaker we heard from was on Monday morning and it was the designer Cynthia Rowley.


Rowley is a native of Illinois and she had dreams of being an artist but ended up in the world of design, today she designs women’s clothing, a home line of furniture and accessories, west suits and athletic clothing. Her talk was in the form of an interview and during the interview I learned that she was the first designer Target partnered with to do a designer collection and she did it for three years. Rowley told us that many people encouraged her NOT to do the design deal with Target, saying it would ruin her reputation because no one else was doing high-end clothing and merchandise for Target, in the end, she did it and has never regretted, she said that she realized that Target was how she shopped for her family and wanted to create something beautiful for other working moms.

Rowley made a design statement that I love when she said, ” You can add value to everyday necessities by good design.” When asked about the prevalence of social media she stated she loves it and thinks it will continue to change how we do things, one example she gave was fashion shows, “Fashion is about the newest thing but people keep choosing to show their work in the most old-fashioned way.” I loved listening to Cynthia Rowley, she had awesome advice for not only women but everyone, she was very funny and honest, she told us that her success was due to hard work, she works all the time and has no business partners, but she does have an awesome creative staff. Hats off to Cynthia Rowley.

cynthiarowley_4 - 1

This is a photo I took of Cynthia Rowley during her interview/talk at Design Bloggers Conference. 


The exterior of a Cynthia Rowley boutique in Boston. ( via )


A Cynthia Rowley wetsuit for J. Crew, she and her daughter are now designing surfboards to go with the wetsuits. ( via )

Image 1 courtesy of
Nigel Barker, words
are my own.

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