India Hicks At DBC

March 15, 2016

By Tab Byrum

I have to admit something, I may have a crush on today’s blog subject, India Hicks. Hicks was our second keynote speaker last Monday at Design Bloggers Conference and she was amazing, she was very easy to listen to and she told stories and spun tales of her life of growing up in England as an extended member of the Royal Family and her life today as a mother of 5 living on a “secret” island in the Caribbean. India Hicks is the daughter of Lady Pamela Mountbatten and designer David Hicks and the granddaughter of Lord Louis Mountbatten.


During her talk, Hicks shared photos with us of the English home she grew up in as well as the secluded island she calls home today. As the daughter of a world famous designer she was always surrounded by beautiful things and colors and today she has taken those life experiences and funneled them into her new business venture, India Hicks Collection of London & Harbour Island, a company that specializes in beautiful luxury goods but does it all through direct sales where the merchandise is brought to your home, you host a party and invite your friends.


India Hicks was a teenager when her cousin Prince Charles married the Lady Diana Spencer and Hicks was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding, she said that one memory that sticks with her is the smell of Diana’s tea rose perfume and today she has a rose perfume in her line because of that day and being a part of her life.


India Hicks is front center between the Queen and Diana in this wedding photo.

Currently, products from the India Hicks Collection are only sold in America. One thing that stood out to me was when she addressed the topic of social media and the fear of “putting too much out there”, Hicks stated that we shouldn’t be afraid to share information or how we share it, “Because at the end of the day you are in charge of it.” If you’re on Instagram follow India Hicks, she posts beautiful images of her life, I regret that I didn’t make more of an effort to talk to her one on one at the conference, I’m never good at that, but Monday night as I was waiting for the hotel elevator to take me up to my room the doors opened and she stepped off, she looked at me and I looked at her, we both smiled and I told her how much I enjoyed her talk earlier in the day. She thanked me and went on about her evening, Good Luck India, we’re anxious to see what you do next. 


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