John Rombola At Tiger Flower Studio

March 10, 2016

By Tab Byrum


John Rombola’s artwork reminds me of many things from my childhood, I was a baby and toddler at the end of the 60’s and started school in the early 70’s, for me his artwork brings back memories of books from that time and the illustrations in them. John Rombola has a style all his own with the exaggerated shapes of his characters especially focusing on certain areas of their bodies and making them comically big, many of his works are line drawings done in only one color and some are huge celebrations of color, exploding off the paper. Rombola’s art has appeared on the covers of books, on stages and he did a series of windows for Bergdorf Goodman which met with overwhelming praise and excitement. You can see 4 of his works on Tiger Flower Studio and many more works on his own John Rombola website, Enjoy!!!


Three Jockeys


Computered Head


Horse Owners With Jockey

Image 1 – Blessing Of The Horse

Words are my own
Images are courtesy of
Tiger Flower Studio &
John Rombola

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