Spring in Oklahoma

March 18, 2016

By Tab Byrum

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This Sunday is March 20th and the first day of Spring, I thought I would take a look at the state I call home and the city I live in and see what signs of Spring I can find. In Oklahoma, you can almost always count on bright blue skies this time of year, if not then that means there’s probably a storm on the way, lately we’ve been having beautiful weather with sunny and warmish days and cool nights. Appropriately our state tree, the Redbud, can be found in full bloom all over the place, I love their bright cheerful color. Pansies are providing beds of color for tulips that are springing up in flower beds across the city. Join me for a quick tour of Oklahoma City this Spring, enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful first day of Spring, Enjoy!!!

OKspring2016 - 5

Don’t you just love pansies, they’ve made it through another winter and are here to welcome all the other flowers of Spring. 

OKspring2016 - 7

Tulips are one of my favorite Spring flowers.

OKspring2016 - 4

The trees are blooming, both of these are in the yard of a friend of mine. 

OKspring2016 - 1

OKspring2016 - 14

Another friend has big beds of red Tulips going strong. 

OKspring2016 - 26

OKspring2016 - 18

OKspring2016 - 11

This is a Redbud I was mentioning earlier, so pretty this time of year.

OKspring2016 - 27

OKspring2016 - 22

OKspring2016 - 13

OKspring2016 - 20

I always love this bed of purple and orange. 

That’s a look at the beginning of Spring here in the Sooner state, I hope the weather is cooperating wherever you are. Enjoy your weekend and the first day of Spring, see you back here on Monday.

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