Tray Magnifique!!!

March 2, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Trays are a wonderful thing, whether it’s a utilitarian tray to hold stuff or a decorative tray sitting on the kitchen island holding decorative jars of candy or your vanity holding makeup brushes, trays are a very good thing. There’s a multitude of different types of trays: metal trays, plastic trays, woven trays, glass trays, chances are you can find one to take care of whatever task you want. Here’s a look at different types of trays and all the ways we can use them to not only hold our things but to decorate with, Enjoy!!!


This is a beautiful tray, very earthy and rustic. 


Isn’t this a wonderful way to display framed photographs? I like the silver frames in the silver tray, you could also do wood frames on a wooden tray or mix up the wood and metals. 


Rattan or woven trays always look nice and are fairly inexpensive compared to trays made of other materials. 


This is an excellent idea, create a bar in a large tray on top of a table or other piece of furniture. The tray helps to contain all the bar “stuff” and is pretty to boot. 


This is a great idea, a floor tray to hold rain boots, umbrellas and shoes. You can buy casters in most hardware stores so you can pretty much turn anything into a rolling tray. 


We’re starting to see more and more of these multi-level trays, this one brings a little country or rustic charm to a kitchen. 


A tray is a great way to create a centerpiece, find the tray then fill it with some of your favorite things. 


Of course, trays are natural in the kitchen, and again, a great way to keep things contained in one place. 


A tray in the bathroom adds some nice texture to a room that’s usually a little cold and hard as well as a great place to keep all those bottles and containers together. 


Last but not least, a grouping of trays hung on the wall make a very impressive display, always a great way to show off a collection. 

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Images courtesy of Pinterest.

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