Balmoral Castle

April 20, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Balmoral Castle is Queen Elizabeth’s “vacation home” of sorts, it’s located in Scotland and has been owned by the British royal family since 1852. Every year the Queen and other members of the royal family retreat to Scotland and Balmoral for much of July and August, this is a tradition the royals have followed since Queen Victoria and Prince Albert first bought the Scottish estate and built the castle. Initially,  there was another castle on the property but Victoria and Albert found it too small ( 9 children) and decided to build the castle that today stands on the 20,000-acre estate. According to everything I’ve read the castle is very traditional in design and the interiors are done very Scottish, with tartan plaid making up the basis for a lot of the decorating scheme. It’s hard to find very many photos of the interior of Balmoral, which tells me that her Majesty hasn’t allowed a lot of photos to be taken of her private Scottish home. Here are some images I’ve found of Balmoral, both inside and out. Enjoy!!!


I’m assuming this is a sitting room in Balmoral or perhaps the Library. ( image via )


You can definitely see the Gothic influences in this room with the arches on the walls the ceiling. ( image via )


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip standing in front of a portrait of Queen Victoria inside Balmoral Castle. ( image via )


The Queen loves her dogs, here you can see her on the front lawn of Balmoral with some of her black labs and one of her Dorgis. I love in the background you can see bicycles propped up against the “house”. (image via)


One of the outside corners of Balmoral Castle. (image via)


The Queen in her “office” and Sitting Room at Balmoral, note the Tartan plaid carpeting.  (image via)


A beautiful view of the front of Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands. ( image via )

There you have it, a look at Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish retreat and family country home. I hope you enjoyed it, check back with us tomorrow morning as we take a look at The Queen and her style and design aesthetic and her official residence, Buckingham Palace. 

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