Buckingham Palace

April 21, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Buckingham Palace is easily the largest of the places Queen Elizabeth calls home, with 775 rooms and the largest garden in the city of London Buckingham Palace is the primary London residence of the ruling monarch and the site for many celebrations through the centuries for the British people. Buckingham House was the original name for the building that makes up the core of today’s palace, it was built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703 and was bought by King George III in 1761 as a private residence for his wife Queen Charlotte. Eventually, the house was added onto and a central courtyard was created with the addition of three wings through the 19th century, Buckingham Palace became the principal residence of the Monarch in 1837 when Queen Victoria moved in and became the first British Sovereign to live in the Palace. Of the 775 rooms, there are 19 State Rooms, 52 Principal Bedrooms, 188 Staff Bedrooms, 92 Offices and 78 Bathrooms. State banquets that are held at BP are held in the Ballroom, up to 170 guests can attend these dinners when all the best china, crystal and decorations are used. ( above image via )

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The first time we visited the UK we spent a week in London and Buckingham Palace was the first place on my list to visit, we came down Constitutional Hill and around a little bend and there it was, a place I had only seen on television and read about in books. Buckingham Palace is the place Londoners always head to in times of turmoil or celebration, whether it’s to mourn the death of their favorite Princess or to celebrate the end of a war and their Monarch, Buckingham Palace is their meeting place. I took the above photo of Buckingham Palace on our first visit to London. 


An aerial view of Buckingham Palace from over St. James’ Park. At the back,  you can see the original house that’s a darker colored stone. ( via)


( via )

You can tour Buckingham Palace in August and September when the Royal Family head to Scotland for their Summer holiday, you can tour the downstairs State Rooms and there’s usually a special exhibition going on, in the past there have been exhibits of jewelry, toys, wedding gowns worn by princesses and future Queens. This year the exhibit will focus on fashion in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday, outfits she has worn at all different times of her life will be on display. That’s it with facts on Buckingham Palace, here’s a peek behind the gates and doors at the architecture and decor of a real palace, Enjoy!!!


The White Drawing Room, maybe the most elegant looking room in the Palace. ( via)


This is a closer look at the fireplace in the White Drawing Room and the painting of Queen Alexandra over the fireplace. (via)

Photographer: Andrew Holt

The Blue Drawing Room, the room gets its name from the blue fabric on the upholstered furniture and the drapes. (via)



The Throne Room at Buckingham Palace with thrones for Her Majesty and Prince Philip. Look at the amazing work on the moldings and ceiling. (via)


This is the Music Room, this room has been the scene for christenings at the Palace since the Palace Chapel was destroyed by a WWII bomb. (via)




I love this photo of The Queen and Prince Philip taken at Buckingham Palace, wouldn’t you love to know what he said to her to elicit this grin and giggle? (via)


The Green Drawing Room. (via)


The State Dining Room set up for a dinner. (via)

Buckingham Palace, London, UK.

Another aerial view of Buckingham Palace. (via)

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