Oliver Gal~ Blueprints

April 7, 2016

By Tab Byrum


One of the man things they do at Oliver Gal that I like is the Blueprints collection, this is where they’ve taken normal everyday things like a chair or a child’s toy and done a technical blueprint drawing of the subject. They’ve also done this technique with lots of items from pop culture like certain elements from Star Wars and Apple computers. I think these would be great in a child’s room, a man’s office or study, a playroom or game room. I’ve recently ordered some that I’m going to use in our bathroom that I’ll share with you as soon as they arrive and we get them installed. Let’s have a look at everyday things in a blueprint world, Enjoy!!! ( above, Stethoscope 1882 )


Spacecraft, 1980


Cork Extractor, 1930


Lego Toy Figure, 1979


Slinky 1947, Blue


First Apple Personal Computer, 1983

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