Spring Blooms ~ Tulips

April 11, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I thought this week we would talk Spring flowers. Spring is the greatest time for flowers, everywhere you look there are beds full of beautiful pansies and tulips popping up through them, so you have color down low from the pansies and color up high from the tulips. Tulips are on of my favorite flowers to use in arrangements, they are now available almost year round and I love the fact that once you cut them and add them to an arrangement they continue to grow. There are several kinds of tulips available and depending on the type of tulip they grow from 4 inches up to 28 inches in height. Most of the time we think of tulips coming from the Netherlands but they naturally come from the Iberian peninsula, across North Africa and over to Greece and Turkey, tulips also grow naturally through parts of Asia. The colors of tulips are amazing, whether you’re wanting the bright yellows, pinks, and purples that are available or the elegance of a vase of white tulips, there’s nothing better than tulip heads peeking out of a flower arrangement and they’re available in most grocery store floral areas. So pick up a bunch or two of your favorite colors of tulips and bring some Springtime in.


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House Beautiful &
Netherlands Tourism

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