Windsor Castle

April 18, 2016

By Tab Byrum

It’s hailed as the longest-occupied castle in Europe and is one of the primary residences of Britain’s Royal Family, Windsor Castle is a beautiful medieval structure in the county of Berkshire in the English countryside. The castle was built by William The Conqueror in the 11th century and has hosted England’s Kings and Queens since the reign of the Henry I. Today Windsor is a combination of Georgian and Victorian architecture with Gothic elements, its State Apartments have been called “superb and unrivaled” for their architecture and design and St. George’s Chapel within the walls of the castle is considered genius in the world of English Gothic design.


Today Queen Elizabeth spends many of her weekends at Windsor, the castle and the village of Windsor are about 22 miles west of London. Not only does Windsor serve as a getaway for the British Monarch but it also serves as a venue for many royal occasions during the course of a year, including state dinners, investitures, and horse shows. St. George’s Chapel over the centuries has been the scene for many royal weddings and funerals, with many former Kings and Queens of the island nation buried within the walls of Windsor and St. George’s Chapel. Michael and I visited Windsor in the late winter of 2014 on our first trip to England, Windsor had always been high on my list of places to see and I was very excited to find out that in the winter months certain rooms are opened up to the public that aren’t usually open due to the smaller crowds that visit. We took a self-guided tour of the castle and its grounds and all I can say is Wow!!!

Windsor is truly beautiful, as you walk from room to room and explore the grounds and think of all those historical figures who have walked and lived here. On the day we were there it was a Monday and Queen Elizabeth was in residence which we knew because her standard or flag was flying over the castle. If you ever have a chance to visit Windsor do so, the castle and the village are so charming and its historical significance is unsurpassed. Today I’m sharing exterior shot Michael and I took of the castle on our visit and interior pics I found online, you aren’t allowed to photograph interiors when you visit. So, take a little tour with me and Enjoy!!!

windsorcastle - 1

This is the view of the castle as you leave the train station and walk up the street towards the entrance of the castle. 

windsorcastle - 14

This is the road and sidewalk that lead to the Windsor Castle entrance, you are greeted by a statue of Queen Victoria.

windsorcastle - 2

This is the first gate you pass as you approach the castle, it’s called Henry VIII’s gate. Through the gate you can see two windows that are on one side of  St. George’s Chapel. Those three pylons in the middle raise up and down to allow cars in and out of the castle grounds.

windsorcastle - 3

After buying your ticket you head up a hill to enter the castle grounds. 

windsorcastle - 5

What was once one of the moats or low areas surrounding the castle is now filled with grass, vegetation and flowers. 

windsorcastle - 4

windsorcastle - 9

windsorcastle - 6

This is a peek into the Quadrangle of the Castle, the public are not admitted here on tours. 

windsorcastle - 7

Another look at the Quad, back to the left and across the Quad are the private apartments of the Royal Family. 

windsorcastle - 10

From the Castle, which sits on a hill, you can walk down the road to St. George’s Chapel. 

windsorcastle - 13

Looking back up the hill towards the castle and the Round Tower, the Chapel is on the left. 

windsorcastle - 11

St. George’s Chapel. 

windsorcastle - 12

I couldn’t resist having a pic with one of the guards. 

Inside Windsor Castle


This is St. George’s Hall inside the castle. It’s here that state dinners take place. Along the walls and on the ceiling you can see the shields and symbols of Knights Of The Order Of  The Garter, both past and present. ( via )


This is the Waterloo Chamber, the walls of the room are decorated with portraits of past Kings, British Statesmen, and Cardinals. The rug is one huge carpet. ( via )


The White Drawing Room ( via )


This is the Crimson Drawing Room, it takes its name from the shade of fabric on the furniture and walls. The coronation portraits of The Queen’s parents hang in this room, that’s her mother Queen Elizabeth on the left and her father George VI on the right. ( via )

Christmas Decorations 2014 at Windsor Castle.

This is the State Dining Room decorated for Christmas. ( via )

That’s a brief tour of Windsor, I hope you enjoyed it. Check back tomorrow as we look at Her Majesty’s jewelry and her other country home, Sandringham.  

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