Bedrooms Fit For A Princess

May 2, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Happy Monday and Happy 1st Birthday to Britain’s Princess Charlotte, I thought in recognition of the smallest royals big day we would take a look at bedrooms fit for any little Princess. When most people think of decorating a bedroom for a little lady their thoughts usually turn to the color pink, but that doesn’t need to be the only color associated with little girls, think how beautiful a soft blue or yellow room would be for a little girl or a lavender or soft purple room would be. Little girl rooms are a great excuse to bring on the drama which you can get from fun fabrics, bright prints, canopies, chandeliers, and artwork. There are lots of beds out there that can grow with your child from baby to teenager, you can also go ahead and get that desk they’ll need during their school years and use it as a changing table and storage and no child’s room is complete without some bookcases because no child’s room is complete without books. Join me for a look at wonderful rooms for girls and wishing our Princess inspiration a Happy Birthday, Enjoy!!! (above image via)




Little girl rooms are also a great place to use a fun treatment on the walls, here stripes in two tones of pink are a great background for the turquoise beds. (via)


You can also get some pattern and color from the ton of great rugs on the market today, I love that this room has a reading nook all ready with a comfy chair and lamp to flip through your favorite book. (via)


There are also lots of lightweight products available like these butterflies that you can attach to ceilings or walls. I like how these butterflies are the same color as the ceiling with a little pink peeking through the wings, that color is echoed in the rug and fabrics used on the bed and canopy. (via)


Color is great in a kid’s room, it’s stimulating and pieces such as bookcases are the perfect item to paint a fun color. (via)


I’m sharing this as an over the top little girls room, this actually looks like it’s appropriate for Zsa Zsa and Ava Gabor. You can take a couple of elements from this room and incorporate them into your room, whether it’s a fun light fixture, a wall treatment or a big fluffy rug. (via)


I included this room because it’s fun and shows what can be accomplished using paint, from the painted bed and bedside table to the inexpensive frames on the wall holding special items. (via)




Wall treatments and murals are a great way to decorate a child’s room, a lot of times you can call the Art department of a local college or university and find a student or students to do the work you want for the experience and some cash. (via)


I wanted to show this room just because it’s beautiful, fit for any princess. (via)


This room takes several different shades of blue and mixes them beautifully, love the blue ceiling. Remember to count your ceiling and floor as the 5th and 6th walls of your room and decorate them as well. (via)


If your little girl is unconventional this room might be for her, a base of black with lots of bright colors to offset the dark hue. (via)

You don’t by any means have to do all of these things, but pick an element or two from these rooms and do them in the color combination you and your little girl like and make the room hers. Check back with us later this morning as we start a new series of posts inspired by one of our favorite Summer fruits. Have an awesome Monday!!!

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