Bella’s Birthday Surprise

May 23, 2016

By Tab Byrum

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I love being part of a surprise so I was more than happy to help my BFF Donna when it came time to surprise her oldest daughter, Bella, on her 14th birthday. Bella LOVES Harry Potter, Mike and I gave her the first book and movie several years ago for Christmas, teenagers are prone to be obsessed with something and for her and her friends it’s Harry. One nice thing about her HP love is that it’s led to a fascination with England and all things British, so her mom and dad decided to surprise her with a trip this Summer to London and Donna asked me to help with the big reveal. Last Friday the 20th was her birthday, and she had a party with her friends the weekend before, but she also had an end of school dance Friday evening so we decided to do a surprise reveal about the family’s upcoming Britsh adventure before the dance. 

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I went to Donna’s house earlier in the day and set up their kitchen table with everything we would need to tell Bella about her upcoming trip. I started out by draping the kitchen table in a couple of British flags I had leftover from a party I did for a client a couple of years ago. 

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In the middle of the table, I placed an itinerary that I had typed up for their trip on sparkly paper from the office supply store and I placed it on an easel I had at home that usually holds a plate. Mike and I have been to London a couple of times so I just suggested things to do. 

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On each side of the itinerary, I placed bust/bookends I have of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII and in front a die cast model of a British soldier and his guard house. Behind the itinerary, I did a vase of white lilies and snapdragons with six red roses to go with our color theme. 

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Of course, if it’s a birthday you have to have cake so I enlisted mom’s help here. She baked a vanilla sheet cake for us then I went to her house and decorated the cake to look like the British Flag. I have to say I’m very proud of this cake, It was all free hand. I used a ruler to make straight line impressions in the white icing of the cake then filled in with icing stars in the correct colors of red and blue. I then piped a scroll border around the bottom edge in blue and added red dots to tie it all together. 

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Little sister Sophia was home from school before Bella so she saw the surprise before her big sister. To the right behind the bust of Edward VII is a folder standing up on the table, that’s holding tickets to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Experience that the family is taking on one of the days of their trip. A couple of years ago I posted about our trip to the exhibit here, it’s amazing. 

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Finally, the birthday girl came home from school and she was a little shocked to see the display on the kitchen table, she walked over and read the first line of the itinerary and squealed. 

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She was all smiles as she read that over and over, our surprise was accomplished!!!!

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Then the texting and Snapchat began, telling your friends about your birthday in the 21st century. 

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Happy Birthday, We LOVE you!!!!!!

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