Favorite Museums: Chihuly Garden and Glass

May 31, 2016

By Tab Byrum

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If you are planning a trip to Seattle this Summer be sure and visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit at the Seattle Center. We were in Seattle this past Fall and spent a couple of hours touring the exhibit and it’s amazing. Chihuly Garden and Glass has been opened a little over four years, it’s made up of three different areas you can tour such as the Interior Exhibits, Garden, and Glasshouse. The Garden and Glass collection feature studio created glass works by Washington state native Dale Chihuly, Chihuly was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1941 and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, building a glass program there and eventually teaching for ten years. Eventually, Dale Chihuly made his way to Venice, Italy where he worked at the Venini Glass Factory and learned their process for blowing glass. In 1971, Chihuly helped to found the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington. Today works by Dale Chihuly can be found around the world in more than 200 museums. Personally, I have to say that this exhibit is kind of mind blowing, from the amazing colors that are produced but also the sheer size of some of these pieces. Giant flowers created from several individual pieces of glass and the sculpture inside the Glasshouse is the largest suspended work of Chihuly’s as the 100-foot long sculpture hangs from the ceiling of the building. I love how the glass sculptures are worked in with nature as you tour the garden and the Interior Exhibits kind of leave you speechless, I particularly loved the one featuring the boat filled with fantastical colored glass shapes (seen above). Check out the Garden and Glass exhibit next time you’re in Seattle, in the meantime here are a few pictures we took on our recent trip last September, Enjoy!!!

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Interior Exhibits

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This was a hallway you went down to go from one gallery to another, there is nothing on the walls, all the glass is above you on the ceiling.

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I love these tall tree-like pieces that are made of individual pieces of glass.

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The color combinations are always amazing and it kind of blows your mind to think about making all this fit together, talk about a major jigsaw puzzle. 

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Here’s a second view of the boat exhibit. As you can see the first boat is filled with huge glass balls and the second boat has pieces with more height to them. 

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Here’s another tall piece made up of many different pieces. 

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Much of the Interior Exhibit had an underwater feel to it like you are walking along the bottom of the ocean or a lake and seeing all these beautiful objects coming out of the ground and swaying in the water. 

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Glasshouse Exhibit

ChihulySeattle_1 - 19

This is the Glasshouse that contains one single sculpture, it’s 100 feet long and is suspended from the ceiling.

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As you can see the sculpture is made up of hundreds of large glass flowers in a yellow, orange, and red color scheme. I laid down on the floor to get this shot, you can see the Space Needle above us through the ceiling of the Glasshouse. 

The Gardens

ChihulySeattle_1 - 24

The gardens by themselves are beautiful with lush greenery and beds of color. Within the flower and greenery beds glass sculptures have been installed. 

ChihulySeattle_1 - 23

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The flowers here were all purples and the glass was blue and lavender. 

ChihulySeattle_1 - 25

ChihulySeattle_1 - 21

Two Seattle icons, Chihuly glass and the Space Needle. Can’t wait to get back to the Emerald City. 

I strongly encourage you to visit the Chihuly Glass and Gardens if you’re in Seattle, you won’t regret it. Have a great Tuesday!!!

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