May The 4th Be With Your Art

May 4, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Today is May the 4th and you know what that means, a celebration of all things Star Wars. Last year I did a post on this day about any and all things Star Wars so today I thought I would zero in more on one category and of course its ART!!!! As I’ve gotten older I’ve become happy with having a smaller manageable home, but there are times I wish I had tons more wall space just so I could collect and display more art and today’s post is filled with images of our favorite intergalactic heroes, and villains that I would love to grace the walls of my home. I’ve tried to find the best Star Wars “Fan Art” I could share with you and in that search, I’ve discovered all kinds of different styles of art interpreted with the characters from a galaxy far, far away. Join me today for a look at these collectors pieces and follow the links to find out where they’re available. Have a wonderful Wednesday and May The Force Be With You, Enjoy!!! (above image via)


I know this is a computer rendering but wouldn’t this be awesome in a Star Wars fan’s bedroom or a media room? (via)


Love the color and motion in this image of Boba Fett (via)


This triptych of bad guys is so cool!!! (via)


There’s a whole set or series of these works with the image of a Star Wars character and a small description, all done on dictionary pages in colors relating to the character. ( via here & here)


This set takes on a whole different look with the use of red. (via)


Something that is popular is the combining of two completely different images, here we have Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” providing the backdrop for scenes and images from Star Wars films. (via)


I always enjoy works like this where artists take visual elements of a film or book and create something that has to do with the subject matter. Here you have several elements from “Return Of The Jedi” combined to create the image of R2D2. (via)


This beautiful piece is called “One With The Light”, it’s by artist Raymond Swanland, you can see this image and some of his other Star Wars themed works here


This has an Asian feel to it for me, I’m thinking that’s because of the red “sun” in the back which is reminiscent of the Japanese flag, it also feels like Darth Vadar is on the move. (via)

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