Strawberries In Art

May 4, 2016

By Tab Byrum


We seem to have a theme today with looking at artwork, but the two subject matters and products couldn’t be more different. We’re continuing to look at strawberries as an inspiration in our daily lives and in design and today we are going to look at strawberry still life paintings. Strawberries have long been a favorite not just for their flavor but also for their beautiful color and unusual shape, there’s nothing prettier than a bowl full of ripe berries. I thought we would look at still lifes because it’s been around for so long, literally centuries and centuries and we’ll take a look at other types of strawberry art later this month. Many times in still lifes subject matter is mixed with other elements to create a scene, a bowl of berries may be the centerpiece of the painting but the bowl may be sitting on a beautiful cloth with a stack of books beside or a vase of flowers, many times images of berries and fruit were accompanied by images of wine, cheese, and other food. Join me for a look at strawberry still lifes and Enjoy!!! (above image via)


Osias Beert, Still Life with Cherries and Strawberries in China Bowls, 1608 (via)


Adriaen Coorte, Strawberries, 1705, The Hauge (via)


Still Life With Roses and Strawberries (via)


Still Life of Strawberries is by American artist Emma Swann (1853-1927) (the source for this painting image is no longer available)


Still Life With Strawberries by Julian Merrow-Smith (via)


This is a contemporary still life available on Etsy by artist Cheri Wollenberg. (via)


Edouard Manet, Strawberries, 1882 (via)


Still Life with Roses and Strawberries on a Silver Salver is by Otto Didrik Ottesen. (via)


A contemporary painting by Spanish artist Javier Mulio entitled Champagne and Strawberries. I’m always fascinated that artists have the ability to capture glass in a painting or the look of the little white ceramic bowl holding the berries. (via)


Dutch artist Adriana Johanna Hannen (1814-1895) is the creator of Strawberries and Grapes (via)

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