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June 28, 2016

By Tab Byrum

AtHome4thJuly - 11

It’s almost Independence Day so I was excited when one of my At Home post options for June was 4th of July decorations, this has always been my favorite Summer holiday and the red, white, and blue color scheme is one of my favorites as well. I headed out to our new At Home store in Moore and picked up several great things that I could mix in with 4th of July decorations we already have and that can also be used in more than one place in various ways, which I’ll share with you today. I went to Mom and Dad’s house to add to what Mom has already put out and take pictures. I hope this gives you some great inspiration for the upcoming holiday, I’ll give you details with each of the pictures, Enjoy!!!

I started outside, I added American flags to a large potted fern Mom has by the front door. Flags are such an easy thing to use to decorate for any of the Summer or patriotic holidays and relatively inexpensive. I not only added flags to the potted fern but I also decorated the ferns in the old goat cart she has on the front porch and also used flags to line the curved walkway from the drive up to the front door. 

AtHome4thJuly - 1

We took out the Spring metal decorations from the fern above and added the flags below. 

AtHome4thJuly - 9

AtHome4thJuly - 3

I then took the Spring decorations out of the goat card and added flags to the ferns there, as well as large metal firecrackers. These large firecrackers are SO fun and with them being metal they can be used inside and outside. We already had the star pillows that are in the Adirondack chairs. 

AtHome4thJuly - 7

AtHome4thJuly - 6

Here’s the view from a little further back as you walk up to the house. 

AtHome4thJuly - 4

I poked flags in the ground along the sidewalk leading up to the house, this is probably the easiest thing you can do to decorate outside for the 4th, if it’s going to rain just quickly pull them up and put them back out when you’re ready. 

AtHome4thJuly - 5

Next, I moved inside, as I said Mom had already put out her 4th of July decorations so I just added to them and “enhanced” them a little. I added a patriotic sign to the large mirror in her dining room as well as reused some of the pieces from outside on her buffet and dining table to show you how things have multiple uses. 

AtHome4thJuly - 12

At Home had several different great looking patriotic rugs that could be used in the entry as shown here, in the kitchen, or by the back door.

AtHome4thJuly - 13

The above picture is what Mom had put out of her stuff,  and below I added the big firecrackers from the goat cart. The firecrackers added some needed height and their fuses are painted silver which adds a little sparkle. 

AtHome4thJuly - 16

AtHome4thJuly - 19

I love this star shaped tiered dessert holder, it comes in a flat box for easy storage and you can put it together in less than a minute. Below we added some fun cookies and red velvet cupcakes.

AtHome4thJuly - 22

AtHome4thJuly - 15

We put a small suction cup hook on the dining room mirror and I hung this cute metal sign on the hook. Don’t we all remember singing My Country Tis of Thee in school?

AtHome4thJuly - 28

On the dining table we used a blue and white checked tablecloth we already had and I brought the rug out of the entry and placed it in the center of the table to anchor our decorations. Mom had already put a fern in her blue and white foot bath, so I added a few smaller flags. This is an easy and quick way to decorate a table and would be perfect for a buffet table holding all the food. 

AtHome4thJuly - 27

AtHome4thJuly - 25

Of course this would all work outside very easily, we shot inside because the day we had planned this it was discovered my parents had a gas leak and there was lots of digging going on in the backyard to replace the entire gas line. Good Times!!!

AtHome4thJuly - 24

I hope this has given you some simple and good ideas on how to decorate with all the great and very affordable holiday merchandise at At Home.

Remember to visit the At Home website as they are opening new stores all the time and all over the country, I hope everyone has a very safe and fun 4th of July!!!!

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