Bells of Ireland

June 22, 2016

By Tab Byrum


One of my favorite flowers to use in arrangements that not only gives height to the arrangement but also color are Bells of Ireland. Bells are a wonderful green color, the actual flower is white but is surrounded by the green petals that are so prominent on Bells of Ireland. I would love to try growing my own Bells of Ireland sometime, they are a part of the mint family and prefer warmer climates. Bells work well with most flowers, especially with their bright green color which draws the eye up and adds colorful drama to arrangements. I’ve used Bells of Ireland in many different types of arrangements, especially with Hydrangeas this time of year, and they are also impressive all by themselves.  Here’re some Bells of Ireland inspiration, if you can’t find Bells of Ireland at the grocery ( I did recently see some at Whole Foods) check out your local florist. Enjoy!!! (above image via)


Using all one flower is always impressive, mixed arrangements are beautiful but many times all one flower is more impressive. (via)


Bells of Ireland, they’re not just for vases anymore. (via)




I love mixed arrangements like this one, the Bells of Ireland echo the green apples used in the base of the arrangement. (via)


This is a great example of using Bells of Ireland for their height, especially in centerpieces for weddings and celebrations. (via)


Green and white flower combinations are so elegant, here you can see Bells used in a bridal bouquet mixed with lilies, tulips, and hydrangeas. (via)


Centerpieces like this are one of my favorite kind, low and running the length of the table so everyone has some color at their place. Bells are perfect for this since they stand up so tall, just cut them to the height you want. (via)


This is a beautiful arrangement, with roses, hydrangeas, cymbidium orchids, rolled leaves, and Bells of Ireland for green and height. (via)



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