Make It A Combo: Showers & Tubs

June 13, 2016

By Tab Byrum


For a long time, I’ve had this idea that I want a walk-in shower and a bathtub in the same space, not just in the same bathroom but occupying the same area. It started out with the idea of having a walk-in shower, one where you can just walk in and not have to step over the edge of a bathtub to shower, one of the things you think of as you and your family get older. But then you hear “experts,” say you need a bathtub in a house for resale value, not that we’re planning on selling, we’re very much planning on working with what we’ve got and making it better. Down the road we hope to be able to build onto the back of our house with a master bathroom being a part of the plan and I think a walk-in shower with a tub would be a great addition, I don’t sit in the tub often but a nice hot soak is very appealing occasionally. I went on a hunt to see if this concept had been done much and the answer is yes and it’s glorious, so today I want to share what I found, surprisingly this concept can, of course, be done in a big way or a relatively small way, I’ll show you both. Enjoy!!! (above image via)


The bathtub at the end of vanity is very common so adding the shower next to it and walling all off behind glass is a great idea. The whole area is defined by the tile and a nice touch is a skylight. (via)


This is a beautiful neutral set up with a free standing tub, a floor mounted faucet for the tub and again all behind a wall of glass. (via)


This tub with a deck provides a place to sit and swing your legs into the tub and ease in, there’s also a bench on the left end to sit or place your towel. Love all the gray. (via)


In this set-up, the tub isn’t in the shower but it is in the same space and using the same plumbing. I really like all the curves and organic shapes on bathtubs these days. (via)


This combo has a more rustic feel to it with the teak wood forming the surround of the tub, but I like how the wood plays off all the sleek tile. (via)


This gives you an idea of what can be done in a long narrow space, tub at the back and shower at the front with a raised lip at the front and a wall of glass to keep water where it belongs. (via)


Here the tub and shower are side by side instead of one behind the other, a smaller piece of glass keeps splashing shower water in the shower. (via)


You see a lot of windows in these arrangements, here you have a free standing tub and dual shower heads on opposite sides of the shower, plenty of room for everyone to get ready in the morning. (via)


This shower/tub combo is very sleek with minimal tile and streamlined fixtures. (via)


Another example of a shower/tub combo in a narrow space, don’t you love the floor? (via)

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I love the colors used here with gray and brown making up the color scheme with silver fixtures and a rain shower head in the ceiling. (via)

I hope you found some inspiration for your own personal space today, maybe you can’t do a whole bathroom makeover but hopefully there’s something here that made you stop and smile. Check back later this morning for more Father’s Day gift ideas. 

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