Bastille Day 2016

July 14, 2016

By Tab Byrum

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There may be a trip to Paris in our future and since today is Bastille Day in France I thought this was the perfect time to look back at our first trip to the City of Light and some of our favorite things. Join me for a stroll down memory lane or in this case the Champs Elysees, as we wish our French friends la fête nationale!!!!

BastilleDay2016 - 9

Looking across the River Seine at the Grand Palais, the scene of many wonderful art exhibits and fashion shows. 

BastilleDay2016 - 10

The Eiffel Tower on a Sunday morning.

BastilleDay2016 - 11

This was also on Sunday, we had a rain shower that morning while we were shopping in Louis Vuitton when we came out of the store we strolled up to the Arc de Triomphe.

BastilleDay2016 - 12

This is a remnant of a statue that’s inside the Arc de Triomphe museum inside the Arc. There are so many amazing statues, I need to do a post on French and Parisian statues. 

BastilleDay2016 - 4

Our flat was on the Avenue St. Germain and down the street was the cafe, Les Deux Magots, one of our favorite breakfast spots. These statues have been hanging in the cafe for decades. 

BastilleDay2016 - 14

This is one of those pictures that gives you an idea of life in any big city, this woman was outside the Louvre begging for change. 

BastilleDay2016 - 8

One of my favorite things we did was spend a couple of hours in the Père Lachaise Cemetery. The design of the tombs and gravestones is truly amazing, a very peaceful place in the middle of a major European city. 

BastilleDay2016 - 7

On our way to Montmartre to visit Sacre Couer, when you step out of the subway exit you’re greeted by the Moulin Rouge

BastilleDay2016 - 6

Another one of my favorite things we did in Paris was visit Sacre Couer (Sacred Heart). It’s the highest point in Paris and gives you an amazing view. The Montmartre neighborhood is also where many artists live and work, we bought a couple of watercolor paintings from a street artist. 

BastilleDay2016 - 5

I’ve talked on the blog before about the Rodin Museum, which used to be his home. The house and gardens are filled with Rodin’s sculptures, another peaceful place in the middle of Paris. 

BastilleDay2016 - 1

Our last night in Paris we couldn’t stand it and had to go out one last time, the night was cool, rainy, and foggy and the Eiffel Tower seemed extra bright. 

BastilleDay2016 - 2

A little fuzzy but one of the last pics taken in Paris, Au Revoir!!!!

All pictures are my own.

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