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July 11, 2016

By Tab Byrum

ATHomeSophias room - 17

My At Home design challenge for the month of July was to refresh a child’s bedroom and I knew the perfect candidate, my friend Sophia is having her 10th birthday today so her mom and I conspired to give her room a new look as part of her birthday present. Sophia and her sister had gone to the lake with friends for a few days last week so her mom and I decided to refresh her room while they were gone, so we headed to At Home to gather what we needed. One thing you need to know is that Sophia LOVES pigs so we decided to use that as our theme and as luck and good taste would have it At Home had the PERFECT piece of art to use as a centerpiece for the room, a brightly colored contemporary painting of an adorable pig. I played off the colors of the pig painting and incorporated brightly colored pillows, a bedside table, curtains and a new lamp. I guess I should stop talking about the refresh and just show it to you. Happy Birthday Sophia, THANKS At Home and as always Enjoy!!!

Before At Home Refresh



ATHomeSophias room - 1

In addition to pigs Sophia also has a HUGE collection of stuffed animals that she’s not quite ready to part with yet, so part of our challenge was to find a home for them also.

ATHomeSophias room - 2

We decided we definitely wanted to do some more up to date and colorful window treatments as well as clean off the top of her built in dresser. 

ATHomeSophias room - 3

Sophia isn’t ready to part with her play kitchen either and all the art and photographs on the wall are sentimental so we had to find homes for them.

ATHomeSophias room - 4

Santa brought her the new bedding this past Christmas, it says Peace, Love, and Pigs and has the coordinating pillow cases. Luckily the colors of the bedding worked with our pig painting and plan. 

After At Home Refresh


ATHomeSophias room - 12

We cleared off the top of the dresser and moved all the art from over the play kitchen to this wall, we have a floral theme going on here as well as framed pictures of friends and of course a few pigs. On the right is the beautiful home of Bob the Hamster. 

ATHomeSophias room - 23

We changed out the curtains on the windows to a blue from At Home and new black bird cage curtain rods, the black rods pick up the color from the black four poster bed in the room and several of the frames. The curtains are a great punch of needed color.

ATHomeSophias room - 16

Beside the bed we used this great painted Moroccan Night Stand table from At Home, the color and style are perfect and it also gave us some more storage area to display some of the pig collection. 

ATHomeSophias room - 20

Here’s a better look at the new curtains and bedside table plus a great lamp we picked up at At Home. I hung the baby pictures above the table, they work great with the black curtain rods and bed. Sophia’s mom already had the letters to spell out her favorite animal. Also, you can see we rearranged the room, swinging the bed around to another wall, it really opened up the room.

ATHomeSophias room - 22

Here’s a better look at our “inspiration piece”, the pig picture was full of wonderful colors to work with and perfect for any fun-loving kid’s room.

ATHomeSophias room - 14

We picked up pillows at At Home, the two multi-colored pillows were perfect with the pig art and all the others highlight more of the fun colors in the art, pillows, and bedding. 

ATHomeSophias room - 18

For the big reveal, I added several members of her collection to the new pillows, all ready to greet their favorite little girl. 

ATHomeSophias room - 17

Here’s a look at the bed corner, we are so happy with how this turned out. 

ATHomeSophias room - 19

You can see here we added curtains to another window in the room and were able to bring back in her pink bean bag chair and some of the large stuffed animals. 

I hope this gives you an idea of all the great things you can find at At Home to perk up and update any room in your house. Sophia is thrilled with her birthday surprise and said it’s very peaceful and easy to sleep in. Check out all these great finds from At Home and so much more, have an awesome Monday and Happy Birthday Sophia!!!!

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