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August 31, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Barndominium, what you get when you combine the words barn and condominium and also something getting a lot of attention in the world of architecture and design. One definition I found for Barndominium is simply, “a Metal Building with inside living quarters.” There are a lot of great companies that build metal buildings and barns, here in Oklahoma metal barns are everywhere and used for storage, welding shops, and homes. One friend of mine built a barndominium outside my hometown of Hydro on the edge of a canyon, they have a beautiful home that’s very quiet and peaceful with an awesome view. Barndominiums can have all the luxuries of a regular home but the construction is less expensive, of course, you can increase the cost depending what you do with the building and what features you want in your home. I thought today we would take a look at this trend and exactly what people are doing to turn once plain metal buildings into homes, and just for the record, I would LOVE to have a barndominium. Enjoy!!! (above image via)


This picture and the one below is the same home, here you can see how the added some stone to the facade of the building to give it some interest. In the picture below you can see that the living quarters is located at the front of the building and the storage and “shop” area are located at the back. (via)



Stone and brick are great ways to add some visual interest to the outside of the Barndominiums as seen in this picture and the one below. (via)


Here they not only added stone to the outside of the home but carried out to a wall that forms a parking court in front of the house. (via)


The metal buildings are essentially a blank canvas allowing you to create what you want on the inside. This one is  2,000 sq. feet plan with 4 bedrooms and an open floor plan for the eating and entertaining areas. (via


Many times the concrete floors are stained and polished in Barndominiums, I love polished concrete just not crazy about this color. (via)


Here’s a look inside a completed Barndominium, you can see it’s an open floor plan with the kitchen on the right in the back and high ceilings. This Barndominium has a rustic decor but you can definitely do whatever you want. (via)


A look inside another beautiful Barndominium. This is a beautiful interior with lots of natural elements such as the stone columns, wood covered walls and the beautiful wood and iron staircase. (via)


This Barndominium interior is beautiful, gorgeous wood floors and I love the beadboard ceiling and stone fireplace. (via)

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  • Lyndon

    Was interested in the plans for the barndominium at the top, the green one with the garage and has deck on second story…

  • Patricia Wilson

    My favorite part of this article is when you said that the barndominiums are very cost-effective housing units because they are affordable to construct and can double as a place of business. My wife is a sculptor and because of her quality work, she would get commissioned very often. The upkeep of her workshop and our apartment has been causing quite a strain in our budget. If we can incorporate a workshop and a living quarters in the form of a barndominium, that would be perfect! Thanks for the very informative read!

    • Eric

      Regarding cost, the only thing affordable is: slab, four walls and a roof. The cost per sqft is very reasonable, it’s the finish work required that allows you to live in comfort without feel like living in a metal building that costs.

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