Collage Art Of Alex Zeng

August 25, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I was shopping this week for a client and I was in one of the local design centers and kept noticing these really cool collage art pieces throughout the center, I inspected a little closer and found out they are all by the same artist, Alex Zeng. Zeng is a Chinese artist who is taking pages from magazines and art books, cutting them into the shapes he needs, layering them and creating these wonderful pieces of Collage Art. Viewing these Zeng creations comes in two parts, first, you stand back and enjoy the created image as a whole then you get closer and begin to notice the details of the paper used to create the art, the more you look the more detail you see and the more amazed you’ll be. Zeng is represented by Empire Art Direct which is a wholesale only company but you can contact them through their website and find out the closest retailer in your area selling Zeng collages. For now, here are some images to give you a better idea of what Alex Zeng does. Enjoy!!! (above image via)


I love this antique chair collage with bird by Zeng. Notice all the detail of what looks like maps on the arms and legs, music around the top of the chair. (via)


Boston Terrier (via)


A re-creation of an iconic Marilyn Monroe photograph, look below for a more detailed look at the picture and see how maps were used to create her face and parts of her hair. (via)



SLR camera by Alex Zeng, notice the image on the lens is a photograph. (via)


Doberman Pinscher Dog (via)


Audrey (via)


Eiffel Tower (via)

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