Delft Blue

August 15, 2016

By Tab Byrum


It’s always impossible to visit and see everything you want to do on your first visit to a new city or country, one thing I wanted to do was visit the city of Delft in the Netherlands but we just couldn’t squeeze it in. Lucky for us though there are several shops in Amsterdam that sell the beautiful blue and white creations from the city of Delft. Delft pottery is also known as Delft Blue, it’s made by applying a white glaze to pottery pieces then painting designs with metal oxides that turn blue when exposed to high heat in a kiln. I was amazed at the different price ranges on pottery, one shop we were in had a vase that had the clerk say sold for over ten-thousand euros and we saw some pieces to hang on the wall that were priced at eighteen-thousand euros, then there were smaller pieces for five and ten euros. The pieces are beautiful and brighten any space they’re in, especially the tiles that depict scenes of Dutch life. Here’s a peek at Delft Blue, Enjoy!!! (above image via)


Either of these Delft Blue vases would be perfect for a big bouquet of Dutch tulips. 



This Delft Blue plate is decorated with an image of Ver Meer’s famous Girl With A Pearl Earring. 


Wooden shoes and clogs have long been associated with Holland, this Delft Blue Clog is so cute. 


Tiles are a classic form of Delft Blue, wonderful worked in a backsplash or to simply use as a spoon rest. 


Wouldn’t this Flower Tray be beautiful on the wall or as a serving piece?


We’ve talked a couple of times on the blog about Tuliperes, this is a classic version of the Dutch flower vase


Tile Windmill

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