Neutral And Sparkling Mercury Glass

August 22, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I had a meeting with a client the other day and she was showing me how she had changed out the industrial looking pendants lights over her kitchen island to Mercury Glass pendants and they look amazing, we both discovered that we have a mutual admiration for Mercury Glass and want to bring in more of the sparkly glass in the way of accessories in her living room/kitchen area. I was out a little while shopping over the weekend and found several wonderful pieces of Mercury Glass in vases of varying sizes as well as a few lamps, so I thought today we would take a look at Mercury Glass and how to use it all year long, not just around the holidays. The look of Mercury Glass is achieved by having glass that is blown double walled then adding a liquid silvering solution between the layers of glass that set up and create the look of silver, today you can find Mercury Glass used in Christmas decorations and ornaments, vases, lamps, and panels on some furniture. I love how it adds some sparkle to a room and often has an antique look to it, here’s a look at Mercury Glass and hopefully some inspiration for using it in your homes. Enjoy!!! (above image via)


Mercury Glass has a great neutral color to it and mixes well with most other colors, especially today since so many people are going a more neutral color route, using creams and grays. (via)


Flowers and candles add so much sparkle and color to a table and one of my favorite ways to use candles is in Mercury Glass votive candle holders. You get the flicker of candlelight and the sparkle of silver. (via)


You see more and more lighting done using Mercury Glass, it adds an extra layer to the lighting. (via)


I think these Mercury Glass bathroom accessories are great, the perfect way to add some interest to the bathroom without a bright color or plain white. (via)


In this bathroom, we see a tray that holds several different Mercury Glass vases and candlesticks. (via)


The reflective qualities of the Mercury Glass pick up the light from the candles and add the extra sparkle we are always looking for. 


There are a lot of wonderful Mercury Glass lamps available on the market, again they’re a wonderful neutral color but come in interesting shapes and add some pizazz. (via)


Here you see how just two pieces of Mercury Glass contribute to a tabletop display, a Mercury Glass lamp with a neutral shade and a small vase add that special interest. (via)

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