Visiting Stonehenge & Bath

August 10, 2016

By Tab Byrum

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On our recent vacation to the UK, we traveled with our friends Donna and Geoff Potts and their two daughters Bella and Sophia, as we were planning the trip I asked if there was anything special anyone wanted to see and Geoff said he really wanted to see Stonehenge and so we did. I went through the online company and reserved us six spots on one of their bus tours, I picked the tour that stopped first at Stonehenge then drove through the English countryside to the Georgian city of Bath. Michael and I spent a week in the city of Bath a couple of years ago and we were anxious to share one of our favorite British cities with our friends. The tour was very well planned, the tour guide was wonderful, full of information and facts, and the tour was always on time leaving when they said they would. We had an hour and a half at Stonehenge, then an hours drive to Bath and about four hours there before we had to head back, I had also booked us a tour of the ancient Roman baths in City Central of Bath (thus the city’s name) and we were also able to squeeze in a bite of lunch. Here are some photos from our day at Stonehenge and in the Cotswolds, Enjoy!!!

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I had always heard that Stonehenge is literally out in the middle of a pasture and it really is. Here you can just see the tops of the stones peeking over the top of the landscape. 

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The ring of stones is roped off to keep you from getting too close and touching the stones, but you can easily get a good view. This pic was taken as we were walking up to Stonehenge from the point where the bus dropped us off.

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It’s amazing to think these stones have been standing out here for around five thousand years. Of course, some of the stones have fallen over the centuries but you get the idea of what it used to look like and there are models all around to give you an idea of what it used to look like. 

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Ravens seem to be a big deal in the UK, there are ravens that live at the Tower of London and there was a large group of them at Stonehenge, just adds to the mystery. 

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You really have to wonder how long it took an ancient group of people to erect these stones and to get the ones lying flat atop the stones standing upright.

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So we’ve explored the mystery that is Stonehenge and visited the gift shop and now it’s on to Bath. 

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This is Pulteney Bridge in Bath, it connects the old city of Bath with the new city of Bathwick and was completed in 1774. It’s home to several interesting shops and restaurants and sits over the river Avon. 

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Here’s a good look at how the city of Bath climbs the hills and extends out into the English countryside. 

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The Roman Baths at Bath are left from the Roman occupation of England over 2,000 years ago. Here’s a look at the Roman stautes lining the balustrade that looks down into the pool. 

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Of course these two kept things fun as we waited in line to enter museums and castles, that’s Bella on the left and Sophia in the shades. 

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This may be the most appropriate art installation ever for the UK, the umbrellas are hanging over one of the lanes in the contemporary shopping district of Bath.

All words and images are my own.

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