Pantone Fall 2016~ Lush Meadow

September 9, 2016

By Tab Byrum


The eighth color in the Fall 2016 list from Pantone is Lush Meadow, a color that Dorothy and the Wizard should both be able to get behind. Described as a rich and elegant color Lush Meadow brings to mind ultra-lush foliage, emeralds and leather bound books in an old English library. Green is one of my favorite colors, mainly because it is natural and can be found anywhere and also because it works well with most other colors. Lush Meadow is described by Pantone as having panache and being elevated above other more natural greens, it works well with most other colors in the Pantone fall line-up whether you’re looking for a bright and bold combo like Lush Meadows and Bodacious or something more elegant such as Warm Taupe and a touch of Lush Meadow in the form gloves, jewelry or for a room it could be a vase or throw pillows. Whatever you’re looking for Lush Meadow will bring life to your look. Enjoy!!! (above image via)


For some people, a green room may be a little much but I think this is beautiful, especially with black as an accent color. (via)

PRADA Milan RTW Fall Winter 2016 February 2016

Here’s a good look at how green can be a great fashion accessory color. (via)


You might think green as an accent color when you have a floral centerpiece is the wrong choice, but as you can see here it works since the centerpiece isn’t overwhelming with lots of bright colors. (via)


A splash of green against all this gray is just what this room needed. (via)


Bright green Banana Leaf wallpaper is always a yes, especially when it’s used with hot pink and black. (via)


Natural elements are always welcome and these pillars wrapped in leaves and tied with a bow make a beautiful table decoration. (via)


Lush Meadow is a beautiful color to be greeted by at this front door. (via)


This contemporary shaped sofa in a timeless fabric is a great idea for any home. (via)


Isn’t this a fun bathroom? It has a great mix of color, pattern and texture. (via)

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