Decorative Wood Slat Walls

October 26, 2016

By Tab Byrum


More and more we are seeing people come up with wonderful ways to repurpose and reuse materials instead of throwing usable materials into the trash and eventually landfills, one of these ways is reusing wood. Wooden slat walls are becoming more in vogue all the time as well as more attractive. You can go out and buy new wood at the lumber yard to create a slat wall, or you can repurpose wood from wooden pallets used for shipping. I have a friend here in Oklahoma City that’s doing amazing things with wood in the way of walls and barn doors for the interiors of homes. Wooden walls can be done in any color, just depends on what color of paint or stain you want, or if you’re using weathered wood you can let the natural color and grain of the wood shine through.  Let’s look at some inspiring ways wood is being used to decorate homes and in many cases being reused, Enjoy!!!


Wood slats make a very cool backdrop for this big screen TV in this contemporary home. (via)


This is a great example of wider boards being used to create a decorative slat wall, this one does double duty for display with shelves attached. (via)


Another Slat Wall along a staircase, this one is done using smaller pieces of wood. Very dramatic. (via)


I really like the idea of a wood wall behind a bed, here the boards are placed vertically and give the illusion of height. This would be great in a room with standard eight-foot ceilings. May have to seriously consider this for our home. (via)


You can also create slat walls for your outdoor living spaces for a great backdrop, just try to use wood that can handle the elements like teak and remember to treat the wood every so often. (via)


In this home, wooden slats are used to create a chair railing, the wood has been left its natural color and place vertical for a sleek, contemporary look. (via)


Here’s another version of a behind the bed slat wall that is doing triple duty as a decorative wall, as a headboard, and storage with the attached shelves. (via)

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