Golden Gourds

October 19, 2016

By Tab Byrum


This experiment went so well that I’m sure you can anticipate seeing a lot more posts on the glories of spray paint. I had been thinking about doing something with spray paint and decided that the Fall and upcoming Holiday seasons were the perfect times to do it. I decided to start with something simple and spray paint pumpkins in the perfect autumn accessory color, gold. These pumpkins can be used in so many places, you can line them up along a fireplace mantel or a dining table. You can add them to flower arrangements for some glitz and glamor or you can do as I’ve done today and use them all by themselves. I hadn’t looked at spray paint in a long time and am amazed at all the colors and finishes it comes in like I said you’ll probably be seeing several more posts on spray paint and how to use it. For now, here’s a look at what I did today and join me tomorrow for another look at spray paint, and we’ll combine everything for a great tablescape. Enjoy!!!


I had saved a tray box for this experiment and it worked great. I wanted to keep the stems on the pumpkins that still had them looking natural so I used painters tape and wrapped them before I began painting. 



I started by spraying the tops and let them dry really well, then I flipped them over and sprayed the bottom half of each pumpkin. As you can see I also sprayed the Fall corn I had picked up at the store, the corn isn’t very Halloween but it will be great for Thanksgiving. 


I decided to use this Tortoise Shell bowl that I’ve had forever, it always looks like Fall to me. 


I placed a soup bowl upside down in the Tortoise Shell bowl and then covered it in orange satin that I had left from another Fall post. This allowed me to raise the pumpkins up in the bowl and get some color under them and it coordinated great with the inexpensive felt leaf mats I had picked up at the Dollar Tree.


I just wanted to give you an idea of how awesome the corn looks with the pumpkins and against other colors. Even the corn silk was gilded. 


I love how using real pumpkins gives you a much more natural look than using artificial. I picked these up at the grocery store, a bag of 5 pumpkins was less than three dollars. 


This photo gives you a look at all the elements, from the felt leaves, the bowl, the orange satin, pumpkins, and corn. 


This was a fun experiment!!!

Check back tomorrow as we add another golden element to our tablescape and take it to a whole nother level. Have a golden day!!!

All words are my own.
All photos were taken by me.

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