Golden Vases

October 20, 2016

By Tab Byrum


For many people, flowers are a major part of their tablescape when it comes to the seasons and holidays and one way to punch up your arrangements is to paint your vases different colors to go with your decor. Yesterday we spray painted real pumpkins gold and today we are going to add golden vases and flowers to our tablescape. I bought the vases we’re going to use today at the Dollar Tree, the dollar stores are great places to pick up items such as inexpensive vases, they have different sizes and shapes that add interest to your table along with varying heights. I placed the vases upside down in a cardboard box and painted them, the paint dries very quickly. I painted the vases early one morning then showered, flipped the them over and gave them a second coat from the top down, went on a bunch of errands and a couple of appointments with clients then came home and was able to use the vases for photos. I hope this gives you some inspiration, Enjoy!!!


I painted the vases in the garage, I would have done it outside but of course, it was windy on this day. 


The one vase on the right had some running but that doesn’t really bother, adds a little character. 


I bought two premade bouquets at the grocery store and divided them among the four vases. The gold vases really made the flowers pop and look great on the orange leaf mats. 



I love the view from above, gold in the center from the pumpkins then it trails out in the four vases.


The gold pumpkins and orange satin in the bottom of the bowl really pick up all the colors in the flowers. 



A great idea for a centerpiece for buffets this Fall or a dinner party.

This was a really fun experiment with spray paint and I can’t wait to give some more colors a try, the possibilities are endless. Have a great Thursday!!!

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