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November 28, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Hello, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have fully recovered from your turkey comas as we head into a new season of ideas and holiday decor. I have lots planned for this year’s Christmas season starting with today and a look at a brand new home that I helped decorate for the holidays this year and completed right before Thanksgiving. As is often the case, this client heard about me through word of mouth, I initially helped her with some fall decorating, including her front porch here, then we headed into getting ready for Christmas. This home for the holidays was really a lot of fun, the client wanted a completely new and different look than what she and her family had before, previously it had been very traditional and red but with her new home being more neutral she wanted to go with a color scheme of more whites and silvers with a lot of natural elements. We spent most of one whole day shopping Oklahoma City for a new tree and new decorations, hitting up a couple of the local stores that specialize in holiday decorations and I made a couple of trips to At Home and the local wholesaler for greenery and filler and my client found several great things online. Today I’m taking you on a tour of what we did in this beautiful new home for it’s first Christmas and I’ll give you more details along the way, Enjoy!!!


We’ll start at the front door. You might remember we did the birch branches for fall and had pumpkins in front of the pots, we kept the same set up for Christmas and changed the decorations. 


I added a long needle garland to each pot holding the branches. I started by inserting one end of the garland in the sand in the pot then just wound the garland round and round in the pot tucking it as I went. 


We kind of had a pinecone theme going on as you’ll see when we go into the house. I added white-tipped pinecones to garland in the tubs and it’s the perfect touch. 


We had a long needle garland trailing down the birch branches and my client found this pretty garland with red berries and smaller pinecones that she added to the top of the green garland. It’s the perfect touch. 


My client made her own wreath for the front door, she already had this pretty wreath that lights up using a battery pack. We found the bells at a local store that specializes in Christmas decorations and she already had the ribbons for the bow. 


I have to introduce you to Daisy, she’s the official welcoming committee. 


The first thing I tackled inside the house was the living room mantel. The client had the large lighted garland that’s made specifically for a mantel. I put several small nails in the wooden mantel and secured the garland with florist wire. 


On top of the lighted garland, I added a long needle garland to add fullness. The client already owned the trees we used in the center, the lights are on battery packs with timers and we bought the mercury glass trees at Pottery Barn. 


For the finishing touch, I added pinecones.


On the coffee table in between the sofa and fireplace we recreated a look my client really liked in Pottery Barn. Everything from the tray to the candles and trees was purchased there and she already had the greenery we added to the display.



On the sofa table, we placed a beautiful sleigh container the client owned, in it I just placed a couple of our pinecones on top of some more greenery and beside that we placed our last mercury glass tree. You can see we carried our theme of pinecones and mercury glass across the room from the fireplace to the coffee table and the sofa table. 


Next was the Christmas Tree. My client wanted a really natural looking tree so we chose lots of ornaments made of wood and natural elements. The tree has LED lights and is a beautiful shape. 


I found these bird nests at the wholesaler and they are perfect for the look we wanted, we also added these faux birch branch bundles as well as round pinecone ornaments and mercury glass ornaments from At Home that added the right amount of sparkle. 


We had 5 of these large snowflake ornaments that added some great color and size to the tree and instead of a traditional tree topper we crowned the tree with a several of these pinecone garlands my client found online. 


Here’s a better look at the top of the tree as well as a few more of the ornaments.



We continued with our natural theme by adding some bird ornaments that simply clip to the branches of the tree. 



In addition to the large snowflakes, we added these large silver and white gift tag shaped ornaments. They are a great punch of color and sparkle.


We were on a great hunt for white berries, my client found three garlands of berries in a local flower shop and grabbed them up. I added them to the tree as a natural garland. 


Here’s a good look at the whole room.


Daisy has already decided it’s a great place for a nap. 


Across from the tree is a long table in the entry hall. To this table, we added the four trees you see on each side of the lamps and I made the arrangement in the center in front of the mirror. 


For the arrangement, I found this galvanized urn at the wholesalers, I filled it with florist foam and started with the pinecone/greenery bunches around the edge. I then moved to the center and added the long needle picks I had starting in the middle then moving to each side of the center and behind it. I added on of our bird nest picks in the center then wired 5 of our white-tipped pinecones to long florist stakes and stuck the stakes in the foam to anchor the pinecones. I made the arrangement on site so I could get the proportions right. 


I love the natural feel of this arrangement and all the different sizes of pinecones.


We decided to keep it simple on the staircase, just long needle garland, pinecones and a burlap ribbon with Merry Christmas written on it in red. 


I attached the greenery to the staircase first then added the ribbon and finished with groupings of three pinecones at all the places where the garland is attached to the railing. 



The kitchen table is where the client and her family take their meals so we wanted to do something fun but that could also be easily moved when it’s time to eat. We found these plaid deer at Pottery Barn and HAD to have them. Notice the pinecone tails. 


We used a runner the homeowner already had with red reindeer on each end. We added a silver metal cake stand to the center and lined it with a wreath. In the center of the wreath, we added the largest and smallest of the plaid reindeer and the medium sized striped reindeer standing beside the cake stand. 


My client has been collecting Santas for years and this proved to be the perfect place to bring the color red back into the decorating equation.


Lots of happy memories in this cabinet. 

This house was a joy to work on and I want to thank Diane and John for letting me help them create a beautiful look for their first Christmas in their new home. 

Words and images
are my own.

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  • SuSu Fischer

    Tab, you did a GREAT job, as usual! These are beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing!!❤️?❤️

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