Christmas Decorating Tips With At Home ~ Framing Cards

December 1, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Christmas Tips Day 1


One of the challenges At Home gave us for the holidays was to share some of our Christmas Tips, I’m taking them up on the challenge and over the next several days I’ll be sharing some of the things I do in client’s homes for Christmas decorations. Everything I use for these posts is coming from At Home unless it’s something I already owned and may tweak using an At Home product. So, on with the show. Something I’ve done over the last 20 years is to save one of every Christmas card Michael and I have sent out and I had the goal of framing them and setting them out, needless to say, the cards have sat in an old card box in a cabinet and I just add another card to it, but not this year. I went to At Home and picked out several frames to put the cards in, for this post today I chose all white frames but you should choose whatever style and color of frame that goes with your Christmas decorating theme and your home decor. I picked out several cards, measured them and made a list of the sizes and headed to At Home. Once I had the frames I used the paper that shows through the front of the frame as a template to trim down the cards to fit in the frames. I think these turned out great, this is something you could do with a group of friends, especially if you don’t have a collection of cards from Christmases past. You can get a group together and everyone can bring a box of new cards or old cards, everyone can go through them and pick out what you like and frame them. Most of the frames were under $10 and this is something you can easily add to every year. Here are some images of how mine turned out, as you can see I REALLY like Santa cards. Enjoy!!!


For the most part,  I picked this cream frame that is “roughed” up a little and looks kind of vintage. 


This was a Crane Christmas card we sent several years ago, it’s just classic and beautiful. It’s one of the larger cards I have so I did it in an 8×10 size frame. 


Here the Crane card is pictured with another Santa card that’s more stylistic. 


For several years we sent out Lang Christmas cards, they always have the best Santas. See how great this card looks in the frame, instant Christmas art. 


I have to apologize for the lighting, but this gives you an idea of how great a grouping of the framed cards will look and you can even mix them in with framed family photos. 

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