Christmas Decorating Tips With At Home~ Cake Plates

December 6, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Day Three


One thing to remember when decorating on flat surfaces like tabletops is that it adds a lot more interest if you can add height instead of having things all sit on the same level. A great way to get height is to use cake plates as “lifts” to raise some of your decorative pieces up, this also allows you to decorate up under the cake plates adding depth and dimension to your display. At Home has some wonderful cake plates that are $20 for a set of three that come in a nice box for storage, then you also have a nice set of cake plates for serving cupcakes, cookies, petit fours, and other sweets. Join me for a look at using cake plates in your decorating and look at a cute Christmas village I created using not only cake plates but house and trees, all from At Home, Enjoy!!!


Here’s how the cake stands from At Home come package, this is a great example of “thinking outside the box” and shopping an entire store looking for things that will help you accomplish what you want to create. 


I had snow that I use year after year and store in a couple of plastic food bags, I covered the top of each cake stand with some snow and set a house on top of it. I think this is really cute and would be great on any table top or even a kitchen island if you have room. 



The houses are all really cute with great color and I love the dusting of snow on the roof of each one. 



I had also bought these great candle-like trees, they actually have battery powered LED lights in them. 


I played with the placement of the trees and decided the largest tree on a cake stand was the perfect way to get height and interest in the display. 



I then placed the lowest house in the center in front of the tallest tree, you have instant mountain village with a Christmas theme.


I hope this gives you some inspiration for using things in new and different ways and lets you see how important height is in adding interest to your displays. Check back tomorrow as I share another idea using cake stands and another great find from At Home

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