Christmas Decorating Tips With At Home~ Glass Jars

December 5, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Day Two


One of my very favorite things to use at Christmas for decorating are lidded glass jars and At Home has some beautiful ones, in all shapes and sizes. Lidded glass jars are very versatile because they can be filled with all sorts of different things and can be used in several different rooms, one note is that I priced jars all over town and at several different stores and the prices on the At Home jars were the best. Today I’ll share with you three different uses I’ve come up with, just use your imagination. Enjoy!!!


Glass Jars are one of the easiest things to do at the holidays to decorate and get a lot of pizazz.


It’s literally as simple as placing the jars where you want them to be, taking off the lids and putting whatever ornaments in them you want to use. 


For the photo shoot, I used Shatter Proof Ornaments from At Home but glass, of course, works just as well.


You can do this in any room where you’re wanting to get height, drama, and color on a table.


One little note, the red cloth I used on the table is a red curtain sheer from At Home


Probably the most obvious use for At Home lidded jars is to fill them with candy.


This is perfect for your kitchen, whether it’s on the kitchen island or in a corner of the kitchen counter.


Christmas candy comes in so many different color combinations that you can find something to work in your home. 


Of course, Candy Canes are one of the obvious choices and definitely, say CHRISTMAS!!!


I love these little solid chocolate balls wrapped in colorful foil, it looks like a jar full of little ornaments. 



Another idea for Glass Jars from At Home is to make these snow terrariums.


This is a great way to display some of your favorite ornaments and decorations…


…and the snow adds a bright white layer to decorations.


This is also simple, fill the jars about 1/3 full of artificial snow and choose your favorite decoration you want to be the focus and place it in the jar and put the lid on. 

I hope these three ideas give you some inspiration for decorating this Christmas in your home, the possibilities are endless and I look forward to coming up with other great ideas for these jars in the New Year. Check back with us tomorrow as we look at another great Christmas decorating idea using At Home products. 

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