White House 2016 Christmas Details

December 15, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Yesterday I shared images with you of the Christmas decorations at the White House for 2016 and today I decided to go a little more in-depth and share images of details of decorations in some of the rooms. Today we are going to focus on the Vermeil Room and the China Room, tomorrow we will focus on two other areas of the Executive Mansion. The Vermeil (ver-may) Room gets its name from the gilded silver collection that’s housed in cabinets in the room. The Vermeil Room is also home to seven portraits of former First Ladies, including Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson. The room is painted a pale yellow and the room is customarily decorated in pale colors and the decorations usually have a feminine touch. The China Room is home to the various collections of china that are used in the White House for State Dinners and special occasions, this room also houses the portrait of First Lady Grace Coolidge. Mrs. Coolidge’s red dress has inspired the red background of the china cabinets as well as the rug, draperies, and the Christmas decor. Join me for a peek into these two elegant rooms as we continue exploring the White House at Christmas, Enjoy!!!


The Christmas Trees in the Vermeil Room are done in various shades of pink. 



The trees are topped off with large bows and paper fans. 


In the center of the room is a table skirted in tulle, much like a ballerina’s skirt and topped with glass. On the table is a large white orchid and glass cloches cover feminine decorations. 


Over the fireplace hangs the official portrait of Lady Bird Johnson. The mantel is decorated with a fresh green garland that is decorated with more paper fans, glass ornaments, ribbons, and bows. 



Here you can also see silver foliage peeking out of the greenery.


On closer inspection, you can see a beaded mantel scarf peeking from beneath the greenery. Pink tulle is worked in with the gold and cream damask ribbon to form a large bow on each corner of the fireplace. 


Ballet slippers are on display as “Ballet Slipper” pink is a dominant color of the holiday decorations. In the background, you can see smaller trees sitting up in pink planter boxes. 


A ballerina snowglobe and pearls are also on display on the center table. 


Mrs. Kennedy’s Aaron Shikler portrait is on view in the Vermeil Room, it definitely belongs here. 


Moving on to the China Room, red is the dominant color for this room. The portrait is of First Lady Grace Coolidge and the family dog Rob Roy, Mrs. Coolidge’s red dress is beautiful color inspiration in the China Room. 


Here you can see some the cabinets that house different parts of several collections of China used at the White House. 


The trees in the China Room are decorated with clear crystal ornaments as well as ornaments from the previous 36 years from the White House Historical Association. 


This close-up of the fireplace lets us see fresh greenery, red berries, more clear glass ornaments, and beautiful red and gold ribbon and bows. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking a little closer at these two beautiful rooms in the White House and the gorgeous holiday decorations. Have a great Thursday and check back tomorrow as we check out the details in two more rooms.

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