White House Christmas 2016

December 14, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I have to make a confession, I sent in my application this year to apply to be one of the volunteers who decorates the White House for Christmas. Obviously, I wasn’t chosen but I’ll try again and we’ll see what happens. I always love seeing what the creative minds come up with who are in charge of decorating the home of the President and First Family for Christmas, they always come up with wonderful themes and work in great ways to pay homage and respect to certain groups, especially our women and men in uniform. This year’s decorations don’t disappoint at all, they are dramatic, bright and beautiful, just looking at the pictures I got a lot of ideas for not only Christmas decorating but other creative projects. I hope you’ll join me today for a tour of the White House all decked out for Christmas and check back with me later this week as we check out some of the rooms in more detail and take a closer look at just how all this beauty was accomplished. Enjoy!!!


The tree in the Blue Room is always the official White House Christmas Tree, the ornaments were donated by American citizens across the country…


…and the ribbon encircling the tree is printed with the Preamble to the American Constitution.


The China Room is home to the White House China collection and these beautiful trees decorated with crystal ornaments. 


The Green Room lends itself beautifully to Christmas decorations. I love how many of the Christmas trees this year were put in color coordinated planter boxes, notice the one in the window. 


This is the Diplomatic Reception Room, its trees are decorated with gorgeous florals like Amaryllis and berries as well as the fireplace mantel. This is the room where the President first meets new Ambassadors to the United States. 


The White House Library was formerly a laundry room, but today it’s home to more than 2,700 books, as usual, it has an education theme for its decorations. This year it’s Let Girls Learn, a program started by First Lady Michelle Obama. 


This is the Vermeil Room, it’s home to a gilded silver collection donated to the White House in the 1950’s as well as seven portraits of former First Ladies. The walls are painted a soft yellow and all the decorations are very light and feminine. 


This is the Lower Cross Hall and it’s always home to some of the most amazing decorations in the residence. This year the hall became a winter wonderland complete with snowmen, snowballs, and icy decor hanging from the ceiling. 


Silver bells and red bows decorate the trees outside the North Portico entrance to the White House. 


This display is in the East Hallway and was created using more than 8,000 red bows. Something simple becomes impressive. 


This door decoration really spoke to me, you know how many doors I do in the course of a year. This is the entrance to the State Dining Room and obviously, has a candy and peppermint theme. 


Inside the State Dining Room is where the gingerbread replica of the White House is displayed every Christmas. 


The Bookseller’s Room~ the theme here this year is “The Gift of Service”, focusing on the armed forces and honoring the families of America’s military personnel. 


If you enter the East Hallway you’ll be greeted by these giant replicas of Bo and Sunny, the Obama’s dogs. The dogs are made using pom poms made from yarn. Those wreaths are awesome.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Christmas Tour of the White House. Please join me over the next couple of days as we take a more in-depth look at the White House decorations and see how all these amazing looks are accomplished. Happy Wednesday!!!

Words are my own.
Images are courtesy
of HGTV.com

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