At Home Decorating Challenge ~ The Bathroom

January 31, 2017

By Tab Byrum

For the month of January, one of the challenges we had to choose from At Home was taking care of a decorating project we had been putting off so I decided to give our bathroom a decorative punch. We had the bathroom tiled several years ago, probably about 10, at the time we could get this tan tile cheap so we did it. Today I would like to redo the bathroom but there are other things that need to be redone first. I started out knowing I would like to streamline things somewhat and lighten the colors without having to paint or anything. The room is a neutral tan color that works with anything so I kept that and headed off to At Home to see what I could find and put together. I’ll share the pictures of the room with you and go more in-depth on why I chose what I did. Enjoy!!!


The bathroom had gotten to where it was just really tan, with the tan tile, cream shower curtain, brown blinds, and brown framed mirror. I was getting a little color from the pictures on the wall but that was about it. 

I decided to play off of this galvanized metal table we bought a couple of years ago, when we redid the bathroom we didn’t put in a cabinet for the sink and when you do that you lose storage. We found this table that had basket storage below and a nice little surface area on top and I also want to use more gray in the bathroom, so with that in mind…



I started with the shower curtain, I really like this gray curtain and the metal brads on it picks up the metallic I wanted to use in the room. It’s a big piece of neutral and I like it. 

At Home has this great mirror that has a silver beaded frame that echoes the silver beading on the shower curtain across the room. I also grabbed up these galvanized metal initials for Michael and Tab and hung them on the smaller wall where the door is.  The initials pick up on the galvanized table I showed you earlier. 

I have to tell you about my towel holder, this is a door knocker I bought years ago and have used for towels for probably 8 years. It’s the perfect touch of fun in the bath. 

We haven’t had a curtain on the bathroom window in years, we hung the blinds and just “never got around to it”, so that was something I wanted to accomplish. I bought a second shower curtain, cut it off and hemmed it. We installed a quick and easy curtain rod from At Home and I used the same hooks to hang the window curtain as I did the shower curtain. 

I love these hooks, they’re big knots and add another texture to the room.

Over the toilet, we had a large French poster but I wanted more color and something smaller. I was trying to make the room feel not cluttered and that meant scaling back on size and doing away with dark frames like the ones that were around the previous mirror and artwork. 

At Home has a lot of great hand-painted oil paintings and both of these are from one of those collections. I love the punch of color these pictures bring with the orange and blue. It’s hard to tell in the pics but there’s also a lot of gray going on.

I really had to restrain myself and not hang something on that small wall to the right of the window. I’m glad I didn’t give in. 

I’m really happy with these easy and quick changes I made to our bathroom. I love the color and the use of fabric in two different places really helps to soften a room that’s full of hard surfaces and straight edges. If you need a quick and easy fix for a room in your home visit At Home, you won’t be sorry. Have a great day!!!

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